Ministries vacant basket will not be resolved before the release of Mosul and to ensure that the parliamentary vote

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Ministries vacant basket will not be resolved before the release of Mosul and to ensure that the parliamentary vote

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11/02/2016 23:49

Long-Presse / Baghdad

Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi fear of failure again, if you do decide to submit candidates for the vacant ministries to parliament, before it gets guarantees vote.

Most thought the political blocs and holds that lingered Abadi continued to submit candidates for some of the ministries, and behind it the fear of the province of some blocks the voting session for lack of candidates.

Parties close to the prime minister acknowledges that the latter had "surrendered to the quota system," noting that he was "looking for an intermediate equation" between the candidates and partisan technocrats.

They favored members of the Dawa Party, last week, that the prime minister presented the names of candidates for four vacant ministries, most notably defense and interior.

This came after leaks published (range) which revealed sending Abadi candidates for the ministries of defense, interior, trade and industry and minerals names to Parliament.

But the Information Office of the Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri denied two days after the publication of the names, to be parliament had received the names of candidates of Ministers.

According to the leaks, the Abadi nominated both Irfan Hayali of the Ministry of Defense, and Qasim al-Araji, the Ministry of Interior, and Qutaiba al-Jubouri, the Ministry of Commerce, and Necmettin enhancer to the Ministry of Industry and Minerals.

The number of candidates for the post of defense minister, in recent weeks, to about 20 candidates nominated by Sunni forces, compared to 3 candidates to the Ministry of the Interior, provided by the Badr bloc exclusively.

Candidate of the Ministry of Defence

Says MP Mohammad al-Karbouli, the head of the parliamentary solution, "The mass of the Federation forces are still awaiting a response from the prime minister on the candidates nominated for the post of defense minister."

He Karbouli, in connection with the (range) yesterday, that "Osama Najafi gave 10 names, in addition to six others nominated Iyad Allawi," but he says he is "yet to choose any name from the candidates to the Ministry of Defense did not occur."

The National Bloc, led by Iyad Allawi, has said that it her "the greatest luck" to obtain the vacant defense portfolio for more than 3 months.

And renewed the National Bloc, a few days ago, its adherence to the ministerial entitlement including the defense portfolio, despite the return of its leader to take over his duties as deputy president of the republic.

Agreed Forces Union, on 17 October of the past, the presence of Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the nomination of four names to the Ministry of Defence, were sent officially to the President of the Government. The candidates are all of the "Badr stallion, full-Dulaimi, and Jaber, Ahmed al-Jubouri."

It was close to the coalition forces parties had earlier confirmed, (range), escalating the chances of MP Ahmed al-Jubouri of Mosul, to win the post of defense minister.

On the other hand MP Karbouli believes that "the prime minister may postpone presentation of vacant ministries, private security, until after the liberation of Mosul," attributing it to his desire to get rid of the "confusion and" international pressure that accompanies the appointment of some ministers, which would get rid of them after the elimination of Daesh. "

Escape from voting blocs

Since months ranges ministries vacant file in place, especially after the vacancy of other ministries such as trade, industry, and finance.

In this context, says MP Taha defense, member of the National Alliance and a member of the Front, Reform, he said that "al-Abadi did not want to provide the Ministry or two of the four out of fear of failure in obtaining the votes supporting him or perhaps evade the blocks that do not have a stake in the government from entering the parliament session."

It is likely the defense, told the (range) yesterday, that "the bag industry is the only one that decisively," pointing out that the prime minister "has not yet agreed on the three Badr candidates for interior or defense that did not know do you give it to coalition forces or Abadelha trade with Allawi's bloc. "

The Allawi bloc, had said earlier, she no longer wanted to "trade" because there are suspicions in corruption cases surrounding the work of the ministry.

And he sacked the prime minister, last year, the Minister of Trade Mlas Alexanzan Abdul Karim, a member of the National Bloc, after issuing an arrest warrant judiciary against the backdrop of corruption charges. But the cabinet statement pointed out that the decision to sack the minister was due to interruption of his work.

War without security ministers

For its part, says MP Huda Sajjad, for a team-Abadi, he said that "the prime minister manages a fierce war and frees the land from the grip Daesh without a defense minister or the interior."

And carrying MP Sajjad responsibility on the political blocs, which says that they "do not agree on a single candidate to fill the vacant ministries."

It adds a member of the State of Law, told the (range), that "the political blocs have forced the prime minister to choose the candidates accept their blocs, after failing to provide ministers technocrats", citing what a few months before an event with a trade candidate Yusuf al-Asadi, who rejected some parliamentary blocs Altusit it.

And it describes the carpets, a member of the Dawa Party, a block, that "the masses did not agree to Asadi although he technocrats."

The parliament had voted, in the middle of last August, to nominate Abdul-Razzaq al-Issa, Minister for Higher Education, and Hassan al-Janabi, a minister of water resources, and Kazem cup Minister of Transport, and Jabbar and coffee and oil minister, and Anne wholesome Osei, Minister of Reconstruction and Housing. And he refused to name Yusuf al-Asadi and trade minister.

MP Huda Sajjad believes that "Abadi will not repeat it it again, and wait blocs agree on all the vacant ministries to ensure they are all in the voting session."


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