Closure of Sky News office in Baghdad

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Closure of Sky News office in Baghdad

Post  Admin on Fri Nov 04, 2016 9:17 am

Iraq suspended 11/04/2016 09:34

The observatory said the Iraqi press freedoms, on Friday, The United Arab Emirates has decided to close the channel Sky News Arabia office in Baghdad and demobilize its workers without official explanation.

The observatory said in a statement seen by Radio NOAA, "The channel management informed employees in Baghdad office to leave the labor and delivery are discharged from the equipment and property belonging to the channel," noting that "it is without end bonuses service or explanation of the reasons leading to the closure of the station's office, especially since Exchange a number of correspondents and photographers are still and on the battlefield in Mosul to cover the ongoing processes of liberalization. "

He said the observatory, that "the journalists said the Iraqi Observatory of press freedoms, that their colleagues in the Sky News Desk subjected to constant pressure in recent months after they refused to describe the popular crowd Palmlishea, but not to manage the channel's commitment to specific standards to protect them from the risks they face on the back of the coverage is balanced," pointing out that "the administration newsworthy broadcast material based workers in Baghdad office processed but is transmitted from the main headquarters of the channel in a different and shocking and cause trouble for reporters and photographers in different places of the events in Iraq," the statement said.


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