**************** (Range) unique to publish the text of the initiative (national settlement) historical reconciliation

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**************** (Range) unique to publish the text of the initiative (national settlement) historical reconciliation

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Unique newspaper (range) to publish the text of the "historic compromise" which unveiled it in its 3771 issued on October 31 last, has been circulating widely, locally and regionally, and opened the door for debate about the possibility of develop a vision and an Iraqi national for after Daesh.

According to sources (range), the "settlement" are overwhelmingly Shiite, and the current presidency of the National Alliance is finalizing a settlement in partnership with the United Nations.

And it pledged the UN Mission in Iraq (UNAMI) to provide "a unified Sunni political party" to sign the document, and obtaining the approval of a regional Sunni states.

UNAMI will play the role of guarantor party to implement the terms of this "settlement", cross-compiling proposals all Iraqi parties for the drafting of a final paper based on the protection and implementation. And it pledged to the UN mission, according to sources, to deal with any party or threatens to hamper the implementation, also pledged international Balthacad in favor of the initiative.

Starting with its eagerness to stir up controversy rational, and create a healthy climate to get to the national approaches, published (range) the text of the initiative after the previously published some of its clauses.

National settlement

Basic principles and obligations of the initial

National Alliance National Settlement Initiative
Baghdad 08/25/2016
The entrance to the settlement
1. The initiative represents the vision and the will of the forces of the National Alliance for the settlement of a national Iraqi produces historic reconciliation.
2. The aim of this initiative is to maintain and strengthen Iraq as an independent state, sovereign, united, federal and democratic gathered all her sons and their components together.
3. National Alliance forces abide by the terms of the initiative after the agreement and ratification.
4. The initiative is based on the principle of mutual settlement, which means between the Iraqi parties are committed to the political process or obligations wishing to engage them, and reject the principle of unilateral concession.
5. National leveling path is linked to it is complementary to the trails community reconciliations which translates in the form of orders, procedures and legislation serve the community with all its sects and ethnic groups, and this is an act of the state with all its institutions that have and will do, regardless of national reconciliation track, it does not mean providing insights and attempted to negotiate to reach to a national settlement stop the wheel of the state, that the national reconciliation initiative strategic path continues with the figures and the responsibilities, functions and duties and obligations of the state's historic political settlement achieved or not achieved.
6. Initiative path of a national framework includes all Iraq's ethnic and religious and community components, and can proceed by stages within the framework of overall national settlement.
7. Do not return nor dialogue and compromise with the Baath Party or Daesh or any other terrorist entity or a racist or penitential and the representation of the components and the Iraqi parties should be subject to acceptance of the constants contained in this initiative.
8. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq pledges of political good offices, including rallying support for the process of national reconciliation through facilitation and advise, support and assist in the promotion and pay this initiative forward internally, regionally and internationally.

National settlement
First / names proposed for the initiative: national reconciliation - a settlement Altarueh- National Initiative for peace and state-building.
Second / What do we mean national settlement: settlement of our target means: a historic political and community and national settlement aimed to Iraq Mtaih free of violence, dependency, and achieve civil peace and provide a suitable environment for the construction of the state, and involving all segments of Iraqi society and ethnic and religious community, including women, youth and civil society organizations and put all the Iraqi parties to the mutual commitments and guarantees within specific time limits for parties to follow.
Third / need Settlement: national just and comprehensive settlement and accepted a rescue formula for Iraq, and it is the strategic option is best for our society and our state, not only end the dispute on state issues, but is seeking to rebuild the state to ensure its continued and strengthened in the face of the challenges of terrorism and division and non-security and non-equity and non-accounting and instability and non the development of organized crime, corruption and chaos.
Fourth / settlement with whom ?: National Alliance forces seeking to engage with all actors in Iraqi society on diversity, whether they are within the state frameworks or the political process or outside including political, religious and community Alugodat and opposition armed groups within the ceiling of the Constitution (Exception Baath Party and Daesh every entity The penitential terrorist and racist), towards an historic agreement concluded with the representatives of these parties, which owns admissibility and committed to the principles of initiative, and have resolved to represent the advice of representatives of the National Alliance.
V / foundations Settlement: to ensure real and solid as possible settlement and supplier accept everyone must rely on the following grounds:
1. comprehensive settlement and not a unilateral concession.
2. The principle of Allagalb Allamglob.
3. reset crisis between the Iraqi parties.
4. reject the use of violence as a political card to achieve political settlements.

Sixth / principles as the parameters of the settlement:
1. faith and commitment in word and deed the unity of Iraq's land and people and preserve the sovereignty and independence of the decision and its identity and its democratic system and rejected the Federal Parliamentary divided under any circumstances.
2. abide by the constitution as a reference and work done without selectivity and willingness to undertake constitutional amendments on according to the mechanisms provided for by the Constitution itself, and agree on a political contract (under the roof of the Constitution) clarify and resolve the contentious phase and regulatory affairs of the state that are agreed on its files issues.
3. official recognition and binding on all parties in the political process and outputs and the required consequences and responsibilities of the various political, legal, economic, cultural, media and religious levels, and rejected political blackmail of any kind. And the recognition of the binding results of free and fair elections, and to refrain from the practice of duplication in attitudes towards the legitimacy of the Iraqi political system (foot rule and gave the opposition), including the cessation of incitement against the legitimacy of the existing political system internally and externally. And he refused to experience the dictatorship and the exclusionary and discriminatory approach for the management of the state at any given time, and respect and preserve human rights and the overall political freedoms and civil rights.
4. Work together to the commitment of all partners to reject and fight terrorism and protect the country and its people, and not to politically and religiously covered, and to ensure that the provision of incubators for terrorism and to work on a political and societal fragmentation to ensure the non-recurrence of the birth of a new terrorist entities. And commend the national role of the Sons of Iraq and the religious authority and security forces and volunteers from the popular crowd and the sons of the tribes and the peshmerga to defend the honor of the homeland from terrorism Daesh.
5. conviction explicit and clear the policies of the Baathist regime of Saddam's crimes of genocide and mass graves, executions and assassinations against the references, scholars, clerics and national elites, and the crimes of the use of internationally prohibited weapons and the draining of the marshes and forced displacement, demographic change and the laws of repression and criminalization of retroactivity against Islamic and nationalist movement. And download Baath Party all the legal consequences of what happened during his reign of sectarian policies and racist and repressive against the Iraqi people, Shiites, Kurds, Sunnis, Turkmen and other minorities and to address the effects of these policies. The United Nations assumes a project to revitalize the memory of the former regime of crimes and attention to its victims.
6. consolidation of the state of national institutions and repaired through: constitutional institutions effective and well-established, and the adoption of a real separation between the legislative, executive and judicial authorities to ensure the vitality and professionalism and the rule of powers specialist, and build the economy of free and multi, enabling a strong and vibrant civil society, and the adoption of the education system of modern sophisticated and free media and an official cultural and civic life active. And taking into account national and professional controls, integrity and efficiency in the selection of civilian and military leaders of the country and the adoption of the principle of transparency in the management of state files on diversity.
7. rejection of all forms of demographic change practiced by the Baathist regime of Saddam, and address all previously effects of demographic change and later, working on the return of displaced persons and displaced persons to their homes and seek the return of the local community cohesion of the various regions of Iraq, and working on the reconstruction of areas devastated by terrorism Aldaasha and the war on .
8. actual commitment to the need for equitable distribution of wealth on the basis of the ratio of the population of the provinces. And a commitment that the oil and gas belongs to all Iraqis, taking into account the producing provinces and fairness provinces that were deprived unfairly throughout the former regime period., And considering water, rivers, lakes and dams and monuments and archaeological sites a national treasure for all Iraqis and prevent any act detrimental to the interests of the Iraqi people, internally and externally.
9. commitment to coexistence, tolerance and brotherhood and acceptance of others and national belonging, renounce violence and non-tolerance, conspiracy and aggression in solving social and political problems and the adoption of democracy and the legal mechanisms for the management of the dispute and to achieve the values ​​of dialogue interests away from resorting to arms.
10. condemnation and rejection of atonement approach and treason against any of the components of Iraqi society. And criminalize forms of sectarian incitement and racial discrimination and ethnic cleansing, and the criminalization of and the fight against terrorism, violence and corruption that targets Iraqis and state institutions and not to legitimize or legitimacy by all parties to the business and consolidate it legislatively.
11. The rule of law and bear arms, however the state and not to allow the presence of armed entities or militias outside the framework of the state, and face the outlaws without discrimination, and to hold accountable diligently and negligent including Associates of the security forces, according to the law, the adoption of the military service law, and to ensure that a peaceful society governed by law and the on the basis of justice and equality, equality and respect for religious, sectarian and cultural specificities of all the citizens of the state.
12. hard work to liberate the country and all its institutions from sectarian and ethnic quota system to discriminatory political maturity system to ensure the establishment of the State of citizenship and to promote the rule of law, justice and equality of opportunity and the obligation of participation and accountability essential requirements for the respect and entrenched institution of the state.
13. Work on the distribution of powers and decentralization that would govern the relationship between the federal government and the regions and provinces according to the federal system in order to preserve the unity of Iraq and refused to split it.
14. To promote and facilitate political and economic and social reform, good governance and transparency, with special attention to the fight against corruption (including political favoritism, nepotism and quotas) and work to build and strengthen state institutions and governance at central and local levels.
15. resort to peaceful and legal means of expression and peaceful transfer of power and claim the legitimate rights of all individuals and the components of the state and to condemn and fight against any form of armed and violent expression of the demands.
16. Maintenance of Iraqi blood regardless of his religion and his community and nationality and ethnicity. And a commitment to public and actual respect for religious and sectarian beliefs of all Iraqis, and not compromising the religious authority and other religious symbols, and the protection of holy sites and all places of worship and rituals pan Iraqis. And a commitment to reshaping the educational curricula to ensure the removal of atonement, exclusion and hatred of the human right absolute rights curricula, and commitment to the educational process Do you know the Iraqis symbols and beliefs, religious, cultural and historical heritage as part of their privacy without any cancellation or guardianship or bias or aggressive or confiscation of the other as not to compromise the unity of the national education Since consolidates brotherhood, coexistence and acceptance of others and to promote civic values.
17. The commitment of all Iraqi parties to defend the supreme interests of Iraq and its unity and sovereignty to external interventions. And committed the parties to expel Iraq from the regional and international arenas of conflict and lack of internationalization of its files, and its relations and interests with neighboring countries and the world sets of light adopt and support for the draft national settlement.

Seventh / settlement plan:
1. completion of the initiatives papers for all state components that represent their vision for a political settlement with the help of UNAMI and in accordance with the principles of this initiative.
2. help the UN Assistance Mission for Iraq to identify and resolve the formal representation of the representatives of all the components of Iraqi parties and to the satisfaction of all parties, the United Nations agencies dealing with disruptive to this settlement according to the contexts established internationalist.
3. The United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq with the advice of the Iraqi government and representatives of the National Alliance and the rest of the Iraqi parties to submit a detailed strategy historic national settlement in the light of the initiatives put forward by the Iraqi parties, including time-specific ceilings negotiated plan to enter operator negotiated in detail to all the initiatives under the supervision of the United Nations set up .
4. The plan identifies areas that will be taken to build confidence between the Iraqi parties that will include the following issues: the safeguards and displaced persons and detainees and legislation and transitional justice and historical crimes and project / documentation and the rule of law, the Center for Constitutional amendments, shape and identity of the state, security, weapons and reform of the security and media sector and telecommunications in addition to any issue agree the Iraqi parties.
5. ask the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq, the final version of the national settlement and be binding on all Iraqi parties and be approved in the House of Representatives and the government after the blessing of religious leaders and support and to ensure that international and regional organizations and institutions, and particularly the Arab League and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation and work of the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq to rally support much of the neighboring regional countries for the success of the agreed national settlement plan.
6. The United Nations is committed to support the Iraqi government and the parties involved in the national settlement for the implementation of this settlement and exercise all its powers to promote and protect the settlement to any party Ev_lha or hindered or threaten the implementation of its provisions, including the Iraqi parties and regional neighboring countries.



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