Parliament blocks agree to postpone the local elections just a few months

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Parliament blocks agree to postpone the local elections just a few months

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07/11/2016 (0:01 pm) -

 Baghdad / Wael blessing

[ltr] Parliament blocs agreed to form several committees to follow the laws "controversial," while approaching the semi final agreement on the postponement of local elections for a few months.

This came during a meeting held by the President of the House of Representatives in the presence of his two deputies, and the participation of the heads of blocs.

It is supposed that the other committees follow, endorsed by the meeting, the issues of constitution amendment, and the amendment of the rules of procedure of Parliament, in addition to the new legislation for the election commission.

The meeting reached an agreement on the "separation" of parliamentarians who Gaabathm exceeded the allowable limit, put on the back of the speaker of parliament before the leaders of the blocks.

The al-Jubouri, had said, during the last parliamentary session that preceded the meeting at his home a few hours, the next week will be the date for the declaration of the names of deputies who "Gaabathm exceeded the legal limit."

A parliamentary statement, issued on Saturday, said that "Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, held a meeting at his home, which included the Presidency of the Council of Representatives and the heads of parliamentary blocs."

Attendees discussed during the meeting, according to the statement, a number of important issues, most notably the upcoming laws, which will hopefully be included on the agenda of future meetings agenda to be discussed and voted upon. The statement quoted the heads of parliamentary blocs reaffirmed "the importance of looking at the laws and committees within the House of Representatives, in addition to the importance of resolving the issue of absences of the masters of the members of the House of Representatives and to take legal methods that prevent it."

He said al-Jubouri, according to the statement, "the importance of moving the adoption of the necessary laws and regulations and that the move is an important driver for the desired reform, and we urge everyone to cooperate with us in this section."

Backstage meeting

And the highlight of the house at the home of the speaker of parliament, MP Messenger Abu Hasna, a member of the Dawa party bloc, said that "the meeting came out with an agreement to set up a parliamentary commission headed by First Deputy Chairman of the House of Representatives Hamoudi to receive proposals blocs on the controversial laws broken."

He said Abu Hasna, conducted through contact with him (range) yesterday, said that "the agreement was reached to determine the duration of the timeframe of one week to send its observations on the political blocs broken laws."

The current parliament and inherited a number of phase of the past sessions, which failed political blocs all passed laws, notably the Federal Court Act, the oil and gas.

In turn, revealed that the MP Mohammad, a member of the Badr bloc, said the meeting stressed the "unification of visions about the laws of the People Kalhacd, and the budget, and the counting of the land, and the law of the Electoral Commission, and the law of elections, abandoning nationality acquired."

The latter law had failed to parliament, a few days ago, in a presentation to the vote, despite the completion of the reading for the second time in the previous sessions.

And resort to the tactic of blocs prejudice quorum to abort the adoption of some laws, some of which may depend on only four deputies.

It is expected MP Mohammad fact that contributes to the last meeting, which he described as scarcely, on the speed of resolving these laws, and reducing the differences between the political blocs gap.

And missed the meeting, head of the Kurdistan Democratic parliamentary bloc, also missed the members of the bloc.

Amend the constitution

The political blocs agreed, during the meeting with the Speaker of Parliament, on the formation of other committees on important issues as an amendment to the Constitution.

In this context, MP pointed Messenger Abu Hasna, who had attended the meeting, to "agree on the formation of a committee consisting of 37 members to study the amendments to the Constitution, headed by Salim al-Jubouri." But Abu Hasna confirms that the meeting did not specify a date in time for the end of the Commission's recommendations in writing or development of proposals for amending the Constitution.

He called on the Speaker of Parliament, last July, the parliamentary blocs and personalities to present candidates for the formation of a committee of constitutional amendment. And gave al-Jubouri, then, parliamentary figures a maximum period of one week, to nominate names for the formation of a committee to amend the constitution, to be then display the names for a vote by the Council.

Parliament has been shaped in 2014 a committee of deputies from different blocks, according to a document written by the political agreement such as the Government of Haider al-Abadi, in order to amend the constitution. He stopped the Commission's work on the background of the launch of Prime Minister reforms packages.

The fate of the deputies

Abu Hasna revealed the formation of another committee consists of 27 members, chaired by Second Deputy of Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed, for "legislation of new laws for the election commission." He stressed that "there is a near agreement on the postponement of provincial elections to June or July of next year, maximum."

It is supposed that the next local elections take place in April 2017.

He said a member of the block call that "the meeting approved the formation of a committee consisting of 19 members, headed by Hamoudi, to study writing new rules of procedure of the House of Representatives.

He pointed to the MP that the meeting discussed the issue of the deputies, and expected to issue a separation of some absent from the House of Representatives decisions "to make them an example to the rest."

The absence of members of the House of Representatives for the parliamentary sessions at a rate of 100 deputy in a single session. The order for the parliament to achieve a quorum in the presence of 165 deputies out of 328 deputies.

Parliamentarians and confirms that most of their colleagues who are absent from the slice and wealthy merchants who Aatotheron cut 500 thousand dinars a meeting of absence from each session also endorsed by the parliament earlier.

As the House of Representatives in unexcused absences, the Parliament tried to raise the amount of the fine to one million dinars for each session, but failed to do so.كتل-البرلمان-تتفق-على-تأجيل-الانتخابات-ا


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Re: Parliament blocks agree to postpone the local elections just a few months

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07/11/2016 (0:01 pm)

[ltr]National Alliance calls for a postponement of the elections until security improves and the return of displaced people [/ltr]

BAGHDAD / long - Presse

[ltr] Revealed the National Alliance, on Sunday, that the rules of procedure, which was approved Saturday, which included 13 items most notably the choice of president periodically and organizing role and define the powers of his deputies. The coalition is preparing to present the draft rules of procedure of the General Authority of the Alliance for final approval.

The meeting saw the leadership of the National Alliance of the body, on Saturday, the ratification of the rules of procedure. The alliance also expressed support for the integration of the date of the parliamentary elections and the provincial council elections.

Continued Sadrist boycott of the meetings of the National Alliance, but that the latter confirmed that the leadership unanimously approved the rules of procedure.

Said Hamid Maaleh, a spokesman for the Supreme Council, (long-Presse) that "the bodies of leadership and political National Alliance and out of national responsibility and constants legitimacy and the requirements of institutional work approved, the rules of procedure of the Alliance," noting that "the draft rules of procedure included 13 regulatory item dealing with the definition of this pivotal political establishment and explains the functions of the president and his deputies. "

He Maaleh that "the items explaining the system of the three leading political and public bodies, as well as mechanisms of meetings and how to adjust its records, also includes the work of specialized committees that take it upon themselves to follow up the files that have been announced previously legislative and governmental and judicial Kalmlv and Provincial Affairs and Media and social networking," he said, adding "The committee is following up the economy and security files, and public relations, both nationally and internationally."

The leader of the party, led by Ammar al-Hakim, said that "the rules of procedure stipulates that the selection of the President of the National Alliance are periodically", stressing that "the rules of procedure of the National Alliance, which was approved on Saturday, will finally to the general assembly of the Alliance for the general recognition" .

According to the National Alliance, in a statement issued after a meeting Saturday at the Office of the President Ammar al-Hakim, and received a (long-Presse) a copy of it, that "those present unanimously endorsed the rules of procedure of the alliance after making the necessary adjustments."

The statement pointed out that "those present expressed their understanding of the rationale expressed by politicians and their partners to integrate their claims date of provincial elections to be synchronized with the upcoming parliamentary elections."

He said the National Alliance to "present an enemy holding elections at the same time will contribute to the reduction of financial expenses required by the entire electoral process," adding that "those present stressed the need for improved security situation in the areas of operations and the return of displaced people to their home in order to give a chance to the Independent High Electoral Commission to complete the procedures Date and counting electronically. "

The statement emphasized that "the meeting discussed the latest political and military developments on the ground in Iraq and reviewed the results of operations are coming, O Nineveh," pointing out that "the meeting called on the security agencies to caution in the cities and miss an opportunity to the terrorists."

The statement continued, that "bless the assembled big victories valiant armed forces and the heroes of the popular crowd and the Peshmerga forces and tribes in the province of Nineveh, the rapid progress of the multi-fighting and the defeat and the defeat of the elements from the fields of confrontation Daesh axes."

In a related context, the citizen Bloc unveiled its president Hamid vegetative legal agreement with the Parliamentary Committees and the regions, to include in the parliamentary agenda proposed amendment to the law of provincial councils of 2008 No. 21, in order to reduce the preparation and members of the provincial and district councils.

A statement to the mass citizen, received a (long) a copy of it yesterday, "The vegetative attended a meeting of legal committees of provinces Alniabaten to complete preparations for to be read a second reading, where it was agreed with the committees not to Mmanathma the inclusion on the agenda and Qrathmha second reading."التحالف-الوطني-يدعو-لتأجيل-الانتخابات-لح


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