Oil Minister calls via tow to restructure the oil sector

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Oil Minister calls via tow to restructure the oil sector

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 14, 2016 8:29 am

Monday, November 14 2016 - 10:47

Oil Minister Jabbar Allaibi

Oil Minister Jabbar Luaibi to the need to take bold decisions and thinking about a serious restructuring of the oil sector, stressing the need to re-establish the national oil company to re-oil sector to the golden age.

Allaibi said in a statement to Radio tow the oil system in need of restructuring and will not replace the individual contributes to the development of this sector, which faced the suffering of large earthquakes during the Iran-Iraq war.

He Allaibi that there is an agreement nationally on the importance of re-establishment of the Iraqi National Oil Company, according to a deliberate steps legally and economically to return to the normal situation for the oil sector, which was the case in the seventies of the century to proceed as well as efforts to form Iraq's national gas company, noting that the two companies will fall upon themselves implementation policies established by the Ministry of oil to manage my oil and gas.



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