The central bank adviser: balance the 2017 budget is an emergency

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The central bank adviser: balance the 2017 budget is an emergency

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 15, 2016 8:10 am

The central bank adviser said Walid Idi, today, that budget 2017 is a contingency budget because Iraq is in a difficult situation and security militarily and economically.

Idi said in a press statement, that the budget covered the salaries of employees and the requirements of the war being waged against Daesh, noting that it's budget is dominated by operational character and all operating expenses.

He explained that Idi very specific investment expenditures to complete some of the schools or the army and police with Daesh losses. A very important investment projects did not include.

Adviser also said that the budget included the completion of important projects that exceeded the completion rate in which more than 85%. Hinting that the ratio of the budget deficit reduced to reasonable levels.

The House of Representatives has ended at its meeting on the 24 of October past the first reading of the draft federal budget law for 2017, and voted to extend the current legislative term of one month for approval.

The total size of the 2017 budget, more than 100 trillion dinars deficit increased by 21% and announced a deduction of 4% of employees' salaries to rally public and displaced persons.


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