National Alliance announces the readiness of the document "historic compromise"

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National Alliance announces the readiness of the document "historic compromise"

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Since 19.11.2016 at 12:27 (Baghdad time)

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Declared leader of the National Alliance on Keywords, Saturday, to document historic compromise ready to be presented to the other blocs, stressing that it is a necessity of life for Iraq after the "Daesh."

Keywords and said, L / balance News /, said that "Iraq after Daesh needs a final settlement between the Iraqi people, in order to start a new life on the level political and social stability in all aspects of life," stressing, "It is imperative to document between the parties in which each party raises requirements of stability and ambition of its necessities and benefits. "

He added that the "coalition took the initiative in the preparation of this historic document was voted on by the leadership of the coalition authority and ratified by the political body in the presence of all the representatives of the coalition blocks, and the presence of the United Nations."

Keywords emphasized, that "the document is now ready," pointing out that "requires of other blocks to show observations and comments on the document."

And the leader of the coalition, they "will be collecting these observations and comments and papers to be presented, to be beyond the formation of a national document and one."

He stressed that "the document is the need of the necessities of political life in Iraq, to ​​ward off suspicion and claims to be face to face and on the basis of the law and the constitution," .anthy 29 / A 43التحالف-الوطني-يعلن-جهوزية-وثيقة-التسوية-التأريخية


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