Restore power to most areas of Nineveh liberated

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Restore power to most areas of Nineveh liberated

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Nineveh -arac Press November -21: The Iraqi Ministry of Electricity, on Monday, the engineering and technical Mlakatha working in the Directorate General of Electricity Distribution North was able to restore power to most of the liberated areas in the outskirts of the Nineveh Plain after the implementation of maintenance work where the potentials available , despite lack of financial allocations.
He said the ministry spokesman Musab teacher in a press statement, said that cadres of the Directorate - General mentioned and after mobilization efforts was able to complete maintenance work and restore the power supply in the realms (Rabia, north, Zammar, Sinjar, drunk, Depkh, Qaraj sub, Alkwyr, and that, Adnaniyah, sheikhs ) included maintenance replacement and maintenance business (79) nutritious voltage (33 kV), and (269) nutritionally voltage (11 kV), and (387) different amplitudes transferred, and set up (500) electric scale.
And that has been the completion of maintenance work in hand Qayyarah through three feeders maintenance of effort (33 kV) and (26) nutritious voltage (12 kV), lifting (160) transferred corrupted different amplitudes, and set up (80) New transferred instead, the monument (30) wire km (120 mm), and (20) wire km (95 mm).
He said the teacher saying that the maintenance work included aspects (Hamam al- Alil, consultation , and Bartila Hamdania and Ba'shiqah), reaching damage ratio in these areas approximately 40%, which was repaired (35) nutritious voltage (11 kV) and replacement (50) different amplitudes transferred Monument (50 km) wires (120 mm) and (50 km) wire (95 mm) and (7500) insulator.
He pointed out that " the ministry has restored power to all of these areas with the exception of aspects (Qayyarah, the Hamam al- Alil, and the Shura Council, and Bartila, and Hamdania, and Ba'shiqah) enjoyed electricity for a month after the terrorists Daesh cut off electrical power feeder for these areas inside the city of Mosul . " .
He stressed the teacher, the engineering and technical staffs and chock other special implements its restore power to all the liberated areas in coordination with the security forces (army and the federal police and the Peshmerga, members of the Department of Electricity police) started the process of securing the land for its achievement, service to the people of Ninoy.anthy province (1)


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