Ebadi vows to proceed with the road of reform and the fight against corruption

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Ebadi vows to proceed with the road of reform and the fight against corruption

Post  Admin on Mon Nov 21, 2016 12:07 pm

Published on Iraq News
October 2 / November 21, 2016 18:58

Promised Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Monday, to proceed in the way of reform and the fight against corruption.

Ebadi said during a speech to mark the anniversary of the death of Imam Hussein , peace be upon him "Dear Iraqi people Karim has Atpettm in surveys confrontation sacred and the defense that you sacrifice the people and the generosity of self , and you make the finest Fdaoua men of Iraq also Atpettm on this occasion and in the other you are generous people and hospitable and Mwaidh open along thousands kilometers arrivals of visitors from all over the world, adding that " the peoples of the world today speak of admiration for the generosity of Iraqis as talking admiringly about their victories achieved despite the enormous costs of the war and financial distress."

Prime Minister saluted the courage of security forces fighting the liberation of the cities and in the complex conditions and fierce battle at the same time lead a duty to protect citizens and the millions of visitors without complaint or fatigue despite the difficulty of the multiple tasks carried out at once. "

He added that "these forces heroine of bombarded with all sorts squad fighting today in defense of Iraq 's morale and momentum Highs and unite and unite behind her our people with all its components , " indicating that our people live in the best cases of unity and cohesion and the sons of liberated cities anxiously awaiting the arrival of Iraqi troops to free them from Daesh terrorist.

He said al - Abadi said , "this unit and these victories remarkable natural that is distasteful to those caused intentionally negligent or fall of cities , but the gang Daesh and destroy the armed forces, and will try to sabotage what we've done with all their strength, but they will not succeed , has caught people who work for him and work for the goal Nabil is the glory and fleeting and illusory. "

He said he "After that we were able to bury the strife and the liberalization of land in a short period Otaloa their heads again after Aenkvooa result of what have wrought destruction and incitement and now want to return again to practice the same approach that has caused tearing Iraq and its people and a waste of cities and the displacement of its people, adding that" the enemies and Almrgevon trying Alanzaran achievements and victories and reduction of various methods character, he will try to terrorism and his cronies to resort to his style cowardly targeting of civilians to achieve the same purpose as they did in their crime awful bombing criminal district of Karrada after the victories of the heroic forces in the liberation of Fallujah, and must be vigilant of these cowardly attempts and who have caused strife and destruction, and tell them we will not allow this, the Iraqis will not be satisfied dispersed again. "

He added , "When we raise the slogans of Imam Hussein , peace be upon him must defend the oppressed and stand in general injustice, corruption and squandering of national wealth, and to unite our people to live his sons various constituents are brothers united by love of country we are all Iraqis brings us home and that we disagree on religion, nationalism and doctrine."

The Prime Minister said that " the logo out to ask for reform must Njsdh in word and deed and that reform and the fight against corruption a national task will not retreat about, Without reforms to these victories have been achieved and what could have been realized, and we will continue the path of reform , whatever the difficulties and challenges, adding that he" must everyone knows that the secret is in the power of Iraq and the unity of its people and Tkacvh, and in the diaper on the diversity of cultural, religious and ethnic, sectarian. "

He called Abadi , politicians and others to "refrain from rhetoric which enabled Daesh of disperse Iraqis and take over their cities and causing destruction and casualties and enormous material, but fear more than the post - Daesh stage , but in the continuing discourse inflammatory and Altsagaiti and sectarian abhorrent that some still stand with it , unfortunately."

He promised that that the time for picking great victory is at hand, and as Aahidnakm to liberate Tikrit and Baiji, Ramadi and Fallujah , and all the lands usurped Daesh gang Venaahidkm that Nineveh would return to the homeland and your troops heroine approaching ZF human to raise the Iraqi flag over Mosul, and promise you that Daesh alleged to state demise and they fade and the possibility of them in Iraq. "

The Prime Minister said , "This victory created the unity of Iraqis while mixed their blood in the battle of liberation, and who are fighting and cite today are Iraqis Bshiathm and their year, Muslims and Msheian, Arabs, Kurds, Turkmen and Aesidein and networks, Assyrians, Chaldeans and Sabean every Iraqi jealous of his homeland , and every city , and the house will return to his family, and we have to end the suffering of our people from terrorism to begin to restore stability and reconstruction , and to end the suffering of the displaced and the displaced, Iraq has lost Alkiar sons and its resources and wealth and lost on our people many construction and development opportunities because of terrorism and dispel the wealth and political rivalries. "

He pointed out that "our message to the world and countries of the region are invited to cooperate in righteousness and piety, not cooperate in sin and aggression, the region in a state of conflict and we are out of them to live everyone harmony and peace, and may not be acted countries resources and destroy peoples in wars, conflicts and interference in the affairs of others and the attack on the ground and sovereignty national.

Finally alive Abadi In memory of Arbainet master of martyrs salute the souls of the martyrs of Iraq again , and the families of the martyrs and the wounded, and we salute the brave in the battlefield, and we are reassured that the Okhov on Iraq as long as seniors scrambling with young people for a scapegoat and sacrifice and to defend the land, again covenant with Abe , the Liberal tribe of the Messenger of Allah r that we are moving on the way to proceed with the reform and the fight against injustice and corruption and will not deviate from this path until the land inherited the slaves. "



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