War News 11-26-2016

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War News 11-26-2016

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For the second time .. penetrate the ranks of the military intelligence Daesh wander in Mosul

Saturday 26-11-2016 | 1:18:40
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Twilight News Military Intelligence Directorate / said on Saturday that its members have infiltrated the ranks of al Daesh and wandered in neighborhoods controlled by the militant group.

She explained the directorate said in a statement responded to the Twilight News, that "the heroes of the Military Intelligence Directorate returning again and the process of the most daring, courage and walk in the alleys and streets and other districts of the city of Mosul and in front of the sight Aldoaash themselves superheroes hideouts, which has long vaunted durability and immunity Qazvin terror in their limbs."

She continued by saying, "We and advertisers you and behind you no choice but to drop or escape but to surrender or return to the national class and the support of our security forces in all its formations and provide information on gangs Daesh and dirty and the most important and provided support for them."

She said the directorate, "We warn once again that the heroes of the Military Intelligence Directorate will show you all the places. We have the ability and potential to get to anywhere we decide to reach him in time of our choosing. "

The Directorate had published a few days ago shows a video of a car wandering in controlled Daesh in Mosul neighborhoods. She said that the Directorate of its elements had penetrated the defenses of Daesh and arrived to the heart under the control of hardliners areas.



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