Wow it looks like the "Press" is doing the work that the Govt. should be doing, looks like they gave them a carrot!

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Wow it looks like the "Press" is doing the work that the Govt. should be doing, looks like they gave them a carrot!

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Details steal $ 685 million from Iraq to Lebanon, a bank branch ....!

Posted on: 2016.11.26 - 17:10

Bayan and adviser to the Ministry of Finance earlier Aziz Jaafar Hassan and Yasir Bayan partners in the theft of Iraqi deposit in Lebanese banks ...!

Channel Iraq now ((quoting)) // special time Press

Revealed a private sources, the details of the theft of a deposit belonging to the Iraqi government pre-2003 estimated at more than $ 685 million Lebanese banks and so by Bayan when he was finance minister and with the help of all of the former ministry adviser Aziz Jaafar Hassan, the son of Solag Yasser, who oversaw the process ...!

The sources added in an interview summarized by time Press that the stated amount $ 685 million was a was a deposit by Saddam Hussein Modoah system in Lebanese banks have been deposited by Rafidain Bank of Iraq to Lebanon branch seized by Bayan and his son Yasser with taking out a large share of Aziz Jaafar Hassan fugitive currently out of Iraq and resident in Lebanon, sources said that the government of Iyad Allawi, 2004 the Lebanese government demanded at the time for the recovery of the said amount, but the Lebanese refused to do so and confirmed in a formal address to Iyad Allawi, said the deposit will be handed over to the elected Iraqi government and not to the government are set ...!

Unconfirmed sources, speaking to Zaman Press that the deposit remained so and correspondence between the parties to were excluded Bayan finance portfolio MacKay referred to him Aziz Jaafar Hassan time who knows every nook and cranny and became a broker for Solagh and Adel Abdul Mahdi, was at the time Msthra Finance Ministry Fastdelhm a lot of money and real estate outside Iraq

As sources indicated that Aziz Jaafar Hassan said on Solag those amounts flew out there (Lebanon) directly both Aziz Jaafar, accompanied by son Solagh (Yasser) which manages all the money Solagh as to disband and Link to Solagh only that he is signing only, and the receipt of payments and money and commissions The percentages and quotas son Yasser detonated a deal between the Ministry of Finance of a loved one Jaafar as an adviser and envoy of the Minister of Finance and the Lebanese government

Was delivered to the depository there conditions as it turned out to be a significant investment within Lebanon Vtm buy a number of real estate, property, hotels, apartments and villas in Lebanon run by Yasser As Aziz Jaafar Hassan received his share and invested the money in Lebanon, which currently resides there with Yasser son Solagh ...!

Time Press put this dangerous file before the eyes of the Prime Minister and before the eyes of the President of the Integrity Commission in Iraq for the purpose of opening the investigation and at the highest levels about the theft, and other time-Presse that Cetkhvha later


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