Citizen reveal a proposal to reduce the members of the House of Representatives to 200 Deputy

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Citizen reveal a proposal to reduce the members of the House of Representatives to 200 Deputy

Post  Admin on Tue Nov 29, 2016 9:38 am

Tuesday November 29 2016 10:46

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
He predicted Prime parliamentary majority for the coalition of citizen Hamid vegetative, Tuesday, that the total number of members of parliament next session, 390 deputies, as called Presidency of the Council of Representatives to speed up the amendment of the constitutional article on the number of members of parliament, said he was submitting a proposal to install a number of deputies to only 200 members.

The vegetation in an interview with Alsumaria News's, "we believe are shared by most of the political blocs to prepare members of the House of Representatives, according to a large and increasing proportions of the population," expected "The number of members of the House of Representatives up for the upcoming parliamentary session to more than 390 vice."

Vegetative, "The proposal made by the bloc to reduce the number of members of parliament clashed with constitutional textured clearly indicate the presence of a representative in Parliament for each 100,000 inhabitants of the Iraqi people."

He vegetative, "Federal Court addressed us about the possibility of interpreting the constitutional article numbers of adults and who are eligible to vote, but the court replied that it could not implement this thing," pointing out that "the bloc adopted a modification of this constitutional article without survivors being agreed to by a majority, unlike the rest of the material in which the differences may take a long time. "

He continued vegetative that "the bloc's proposal to have the roof of the members of the House of Representatives set on 200 deputies without an increase or decrease," pointing out that "the Constitution talks about the formation of a committee to study any proposed constitutional amendment, but unfortunately has not been the formation of a committee to amend this article."

He said, "We are waiting for approval of the presidency of the parliament on the formation of the committee as soon as possible," calling the presidency of parliament to "assume its responsibilities and to form a committee within the constitutional and legal contexts to amend this constitutional article."

According to Article 49 of the Constitution, first to the House of Representatives is made up of a number of members increased by one seat per hundred thousand inhabitants of the population of Iraq, representing the entire Iraqi people, who are elected by way of direct, secret ballot, and take care to represent all groups of people.المواطن-تكشف-عن-مقترح-لتخفيض-اعضاء-مجلس/ar


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