Decisions of the Cabinet meeting for Tuesday

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Decisions of the Cabinet meeting for Tuesday

Post  Admin on Wed Nov 30, 2016 9:43 am

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - November 30: The Cabinet held its regular, headed by Haider al - Abadi.

During the meeting , the vote on the restructuring of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers through the integration of a number of departments within the Secretariat and to be only the secretary-general of one deputy and the development of a circle of women 's empowerment.

In order to encourage local product Cabinet voted to protect the mechanical carpet products , raw fabric and other Kmarkip by imposing duties on the imported product.

The Council voted to fund the Ministry of Education for textbooks and stationery for the payment of the remaining dues processors for 2016.

It was also vote on a resolution to support the education sector , which includes the authorization of the Ministry of Higher Education and the validity of the receipt of tuition fees for own expense in order to achieve increased capacity to accept students and acted in the expansion of buildings and the purchase of equipment and wages of lecturers.

With regard to the collection of electrical energy have been approved to be the share of each sector (transport - production - distribution) to the Ministry of Electricity imports collection through contracts between the sectors, and the Ministry of the use of imports for each sector to spend on investment and operational projects for the sector in question.

The Council voted to authorize the Minister of Finance to issue foreign bonds worth 2 billion dollars, billion dollars , including guaranteed by the US government , the ministry is issuing billion external market price of bonds for the purpose of bridging the budget deficit , according to article 2 / II / A of the federal budget for the year 2016 Act.

The attention to the agricultural sector and the payment of dues to farmers, funding was approved for the Ministry of Agriculture for agricultural supplies and fertilizers.

The Council voted to extend the work of the committee supervising the elections , trade unions and federations.

The council also voted on draft economic and trade, scientific and technical and cultural cooperation between Iraq and the Republic of Tajikistan cooperation agreement. In addition to voting on the draft agreement on the avoidance of double taxation and prevent tax evasion on income and capital between the Government of the Republic of Iraq and the Government of the Republic of South Korea.

The Council examined as well as a report on the subject of Iraq 's membership in the European Union of Medical Specialties.

The council also voted to tax dues to contractors and to approve the draft social insurance law. Q ended


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