Abadi: Naming gung minister after the liberation of Mosul

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Abadi: Naming gung minister after the liberation of Mosul

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Special - balances News

MP from the bloc's reform Zaher al-Abadi, Wednesday, about the existence of problematic between the political blocs about naming cabinet security hampered nominated and voted for them in parliament.

Ebadi said L / balance News /, that "the delay in submitting candidates to manage the security ministries and vote caused by the problems between the political blocs on the names of the ministers."

He said al-Abadi, said the "naming cabinet security will be delayed until after the liberation of Mosul process," citing that "Thinketh victory a specific destination on the other hand account, in addition to the prime minister wanted to be a minister professionally and Techno Hippocrates."

He predicted al-Abadi said, "and the defense and interior ministries file will be put in the parliament after the liberation of Mosul end," noting that "the names of candidates presented by the political blocs, such as the National Forces Alliance and a coalition of the Bloc of Badr, but so far has not resolved the matter."

He called that "a nomination for an efficient and fair personalities of a scientific and professional specialization in the field of work so that they can manage the ministry work and success" .anthy 29

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