Infallible: the need to evaluate state-building and the elimination of corruption

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Infallible: the need to evaluate state-building and the elimination of corruption

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed President Fuad Masum, the need to take advantage of past experience to evaluate building state institutions.

And the transfer of a presidential statement, received by the agency {Euphrates News}, a copy of it for infallible during the speech, delivered on his behalf by his senior adviser Abdul Latif Rashid {yesterday} during the opening of the Tenth Congress of the Communist Party of Iraq, saying that "This conference is taking place at a precise circumstances in which the country is fighting a war against terrorism, require a unified national effort in the face of Daesh, and in furtherance of national unity across the sectarian and ethnic divisions ", paid tribute to" our armed forces and the crowd and folk Peshmerga and local volunteers and other fighters against Daesh, and appreciation of the tournaments and the sacrifices inspiring examples that they provide in their attack sweeping Holy war. "

He added, "It is natural that the elimination of terrorism can not be achieved as soon as military victory, but must be accompanied by a range of orientations of security, political, economic, social, cultural and procedures, in order to turn it into a decisive victory."

The President of the Republic, "and what is no doubt that there is a need to draw lessons from past bitter experience in order to correct the march, calendar build state and its institutions, and to rebuild the fabric of national unity, and to enable Iraq to pursue the path of reconstruction, and the deepening of the democratic structure of the federal state."

He pointed out that, "the military victory over the Daesh represents hope station, as embodied damaged nationally could create a political atmosphere to achieve reconciliation virtual community, and create a national settlement of the outstanding problems in the country."

He said the President, "we believe that real reform program, based on the building of state institutions away from quotas According to the invocation to the Constitution, and a provision for the principle of citizenship, must be designed to bring security and peace to the other throughout Iraq, rebuilding the affected areas liberated and the return of displaced persons and displaced persons, and promote civil peace, and activating the real work for community reconciliation, eliminating corruption, and finding suitable to pass the financial crisis solutions, and the adoption of an integrated program for the development of infrastructure and ensuring citizens' rights and provide basic services to them, ".anthy


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