.Mnt Goat News Brief for Friday Dec. 2nd

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.Mnt Goat News Brief for Friday Dec. 2nd

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(Thank you George for emailing this to Dinar Recaps to post.)

December 2, 2016 Mnt Goat News Brief
Hi Everyone,

WOW - what news is upon us this week! December is here already.

So the time of Advent begins and with it the Christkindlesmarkts open throughout Germany and in Austria. This year we are continuing with our family tradition of hopping on the bahn  to visit the Bavarian city of Nuremberg for our experience of this tradition. Mein hubby also wants to visit Vienna markets too this year so we may be making a second journey out this year.  

As you may know the Nuremberg markets are one of the largest and best-known Christkindlesmarkts in the  world. There is much past history in these markets too.The market survived many centuries since 1600’s but by the end of the 19th century was nowhere near as popular as it once had been. It was not until the 1930s and the promotion of Nuremberg as a major historic jewel by the Nazi regime that it once more increased in significance.


In the 1930s Nuremberg was promoted as the rally centre for the National Socialist Party and many of the images of thousands of supporters in the light of torches come from rallies held here. Nowadays the structures of the incomplete and grandiose architecture remain but the Documentation Centre can also be visited, which has a permanent exhibition 'Fascination and Terror' on the causes and consequences of this part of German history.

The markets were not held during the Second World War but were restarted in 1948. Nowadays the market welcomes more than 2 million visitors a year from around the world, with thousands of spectators for the official opening by the Christkind.

My daughters now are ten years older than when we started this tradition of visiting the markets and also with this dinar investment journey. Can you believe this? They are now talking of college already and that day will come soon when they leave for the city to attend. Where does the time go? Will this be our last journey to the markets with them?

About the news for today-

First I have to clarify some more rumors. NO! The dinar in Iraq has not RV’d and the lower denominations are not out to the citizens. Personally, and quite frankly, whoever is telling you these lies, I would wakeup and smell the coffee - stay away from them!
Many of the so called “intel gurus” are still telling us they attempted to RV many times in the last two weeks. Really? Who are you talking to? Who is giving you this information? So after reading today’s news letter you will see just how ridiculous and idiotic their news can be. As there were NO attempts made to RV and the CBI is not yet even ready.
I also heard a comment made on one of these RV conference calls. Someone said that “thank God for the little news they give us”. Really! Iraq does not give us any news. The news we get is second hand and is all meant for the Iraqi citizens NOT us investors. So they are not giving us anything, rather we research and we investigate, thus we are taking it!
So what is the latest “real” news today?  
We can see so much progress in the direction of going international. Just recently the CBI itself made an announcement that the CBI bank will start applying the certified standards internationally aimed at cutting off funding for the organization (Daesh) and other terrorist organizations and to prevent money laundering. The governor also told us that this effort does effect the project to delete the zeros and that it could not be moved forward without this effort first. He also said the project will not be completed in December. What does this all mean? I present this very important article for you today. I will give my opinion in today’s news letter and explain it.
What’s the latest news on the 2017 budget?


Shawki told {Euphrates News} Monday, that "this chapter is at its end, will prevent legislature from going on its holiday until after the adoption of the budget." We heard they were still supposed to conduct a final vote on the budget on Thursday, yesterday. So what happened? Did it pass?  

The House Finance Committee has ruled, Thursday, to try to pass the financial budget for the year 2017 Law on Saturday, attributed the reason to the existence of fundamental differences.

The Vice-Chairman of the Committee Faleh applicable in a statement received / balances News / copy of it, that "it is difficult to pass a budget next Saturday." He said in effect, "because there are some fundamental differences in the texts added to the original 2017 budget," (so the budget will probably not go for a final vote on Saturday either and will be delayed yet further. No new date has been given but I guess they will come out with some more news after Saturday’s meetings. See the article below for more information as to why it was delayed….again….!!! )

What’s the latest on the fight against Daesh/ISIS?

Twilight News Iraqi Intelligence Directorate military / said on Monday it had captured the "largest" warehouse of Daesh containing documents very "important and dangerous", referred to as a “data bank” chock full of information.  There was a suspicion that a group of states in play rough and supports the organization financially, and allow him not only to possess combat skills and equipment, but to possess equipment for the production of the video propaganda videos, which helped attract many Western young people to advocate Daesh.  

Iraqi special forces battling to clear Islamic State from eastern Mosul have killed nearly 1,000 militants but fighting has slowed as troops face a mobile enemy hidden among thousands of civilians in the city, a top commander said. Six weeks into a major offensive, Iraqi forces have captured nearly half of eastern Mosul, moving from district to district against jihadist snipers, suicide attackers and car bombs.

I firmly believe they are targeting the end of 2016 to complete the major ISIS clearing out of Iraq. The USA and the coalition forces are now beginning a huge final push as “special” forces are now moving in to clear buildings. These forces are especially training for Urban warfare. They hope this effort will move this war to conclusion in the remaining territory still held by ISIS/Daesh.

Articles Begin

Keywords: central bank will begin to apply international standards beginning this December

The governor of the Central Bank and the Agency on the Keywords, said on Wednesday that the agreement signed by the United States aims to cut off funding for the organization (Daesh) and other terrorist organizations and prevent money laundering ', and pointed out that the bank will start applying the certified standards internationally in this regard (this is the main point of the article, not the project to delete the zeros.. Then it says this is yet another banking reform needed in the project to delete the zeros “the process of removing zeros from the local process requires the availability of appropriate conditions”. Could they get any clearer than this?...lol…lol) the beginning of December next, with the exception that the process of removing zeros from the local process requires the availability of appropriate conditions, including the general stability in the country, (I quote from the article “including the general stability of the country”…get it? So if they now had stability would they still be telling us they needed it? So what is unstable then? The GOI seems stable, the parliament seems stable, oh- could it be that ISIS/Daesh is still in the country? Could this be the last part of the “stability” they are still referring to?)  he pointed out that the bank continues to technical preparations in this regard.

Keywords and said in a press statement, that 'the first agreement of its kind between the Federal Reserve Bank and the US Treasury on the one hand and the Central Bank of Iraq, on the other hand, entered into to control the dollar remittances and ensure the prevention of access to illicit destinations', (hey! I have a solution. Don’t pay them in dollars, instead pay them in Iraq dinars [post RV of course] ) indicating that the' agreement includes cooperation and coordination and the exchange of information and financial data relating to the sale of foreign currency and circulation. "

He Keywords that 'The agreement aims to prevent the arrival of the foreign currency to Daesh and terrorist organizations,  by ensuring and verifying that the financial and banking institutions that you purchase does not involve money laundering or terrorist financing operations', adding that' control mechanisms include several measures the most important , building databases and integrated electronic system that collects dollar selling window operations rather than paper processes'.

He said the central bank governor and the agency, that 'mechanisms also include the introduction of a program (OFAC List) to verify that the persons and entities prohibited to deal with them globally and to ensure that their entry into dollar selling window, where already been implemented', pointing out that 'mechanisms also include work on the application standards and international compliance requirements, particularly in the application of the principle of know your customer to verify the sources of funds and legitimacy, (I would think they do need this too prior to going international with the currency) where he was informed banks and the conversion of these requirements, where censorship is taking place and oversee the implementation and training and qualification of cadres working '.


​He Keywords that 'the bank provided financial Labour Organization (FATF) action taken to combat money laundering and terrorist financing', stressing that 'the actions taken by the Central Bank of Iraq, which led to eject Iraq from Category gray of the organization'.

Keywords and pointed out that 'the bank enter the accredited international standards by an international auditing firm for the classification of financial and banking institutions,  

including ensure compliance with the requirements of the compliance of the law against money laundering and terrorist financing for the year 2015, where it will be applied to the beginning of December next.'

And on the application of the process of deleting the zeros of the Iraqi currency, confirmed the Keywords, that 'the CBI did not specify a date for the deletion of zeros from the currency dinar', noting that 'subject to availability of appropriate conditions, including the general stability in the country.' (So if 2017 comes around and the war on ISIS is not concluded they will most probably postpone the project to delete the zeros again. Please don’t shoot the messenger- their words not mine! )

He stressed the central bank governor and the agency, the need to 'ensure the success of the process of deleting the zeros requirements before starting out, so the central bank will continue technical preparations in order to be practical fit when deciding deletion'. (I quote from the last paragraph above – “the need to ‘ensure the success of  the process of deleting the zeros requirements before starting out’ “.

It could not be any clearer to us. Again their words not mine! So why in hell are many of these so called “intel gurus” now telling us it already RV’d? Really? Can’ they read?

But I want everyone to look at this article not as negative but very positive since first we see them still working on the project to delete the zeros. Then also they would have to apply these international standards prior to any movement of the currency otherwise it would be a disaster later and they told us they must be ready when it is time. So the CBI is simply telling us they are still preparing for the process to delete the zeros and this is part of the project to delete the zeros)

Prime Minister Barzani: Transparency in oil and gas sector is KRG’s top priority

Erbil, Kurdistan Region, Iraq (cabinet.gov.krd) - The Kurdistan Regional Government signed an agreement with the multinational professional services firm, Ernst and Young, to audit oil and gas processes in the Kurdistan Region.

During the signing ceremony on Wednesday, Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani described the agreement as an important step by the Kurdistan Regional Government to be more transparent in the oil and gas revenues and expenditures.

He said that the agreement will further strengthen the transparent and independent auditing process for oil and gas sector. He added that transparency in the sector is his government’s top priority.

This is the second oil-audit agreement that the KRG has signed with major international auditing firms.  Earlier this year, the KRG signed a similar deal with Deloitte.

Senior government officials and the Head of British Consulate-General in the Kurdistan Region participated in the signing ceremony, which took place at the Council of Ministers in Erbil.

Deputy: will be recourse to the Federal Court in the event of non-implementation of the governments in Baghdad and Erbil

MP for the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan Xuan Daoudi, on Wednesday, he will resort to the Federal Court in the event of non - implementation of the governments of the center and the province of the budget bill on the 17% stake in exchange for oil deliveries.

He said Davoudi in a press statement, " The draft budget included the same paragraph included in the budgets for the years projects (2015 and 2016), which states that the Kurdistan region to export 550,000 barrels of oil by SOMO return for the federal government to send a share of 17% Iraq 's budget to Kurdistan. "

He added, " The government is not interested in the Kurdistan region in dealing with this issue , where we find that the provincial government did not send one to Baghdad, did not call Kurdish blocs in the Iraqi parliament to Kurdistan to discuss with them in this regard, so it did not issue a statement or cost the team Kurdish government and parliament to bring their vision of the provincial government on this issue. "

He said Daoudi, that " the Kurdish blocs , with the exception of the Democratic Partybloc deliberated among new legal ideas in order to bring out the budget and put stagnant over the past years the project, (so now you know one of the issues stalling the budget)  and placed commentator, and which may compel the federal government and the provincial government implementation, recourse to the Federal Court in the event of non - implementation budget for the year 2017 Act or unless one of the parties or both are committed to ( the federal government, the provincial government) budget law. "

He said, "There is a proposal that the federal government dealsaccording to Articles 112 and 114 of the constitution (where is the oil and gas law (HCL) ?) with the Kurdistan region and the provinces with regard to oil and gas and other mineral wealth and border crossings.


​Kirkuk oil impede the adoption of the budget andSaturday may not be the decisive date

Author: AB, MK
Editor: AB
12/01/2016 16:22

Long-Presse / Baghdad

He attributed the deputy from the Liberal bloc, on Thursday, to postpone approving the budget law not to resolve one of the controversial paragraphs on Kirkuk’s oil, and as pointed out that the National Alliance will hold a meeting Saturday to discuss the sticking points, the budget is likely to take several days to resolve file.
(Okay here we go again. Still no 2017 budget passed on Thursday and so postponed again until Saturday. Mnt Goat was right again and said that there was contention in the budget dealing with the Kurdistan oil. So now you have the facts. If you followup in the article you can see just what the contension was)
The MP said Riad Ghali said in an interview to the (long-Presse), said that “topostpone the adoption of the budget law was due to lack of resolve to agree on one of the paragraphs of the budget pertaining to Kirkuk,” noting that “the Kurds demanding that the Kirkuk oil be under their authority, at a time when it is within the authority of the Federal government. “ (
(did you read the paragraph above? This is why the postponement. This is also why Kurdistan has just hired another outside impartial auditor to give “full” transparency of all oil revenues. Guess the GOI just do not trust the Kurds. Should they?)

Ghali added that “the National Alliance, will be held at ten o’clock on Saturday a meeting to discuss sticking points in the budget,” likely to “take a deduction Profile several days or be approved in late on Saturday.”

And raised the presidency of the parliament, on Thursday, the 34th of its first legislative term of the third legislative year to the day after the Sabbath, and in delayed approval of the General Budget Law, the meeting witnessed replies draft law on the First Amendment to the General Amnesty Law.
The Council of Representatives, on Thursday, the 34th of its first legislative term of the third legislative year, while the meeting will vote on the draft federal budget law and the law of the Supreme Judicial Council, and to discuss other bills.

Private banks presented their advantages on the CBI staff is ready to settle the salaries
Economy News / special / Baghdad ...

Seven Iraqi banks, including one state bank offered Thursday advantages in the field of open bank accounts for the staff of the Central Bank of Iraq where the aim of this practice, which is the first of its kind, which was held at the central bank building in Baghdad to recognize the nature of the services and products offered by these banks from loans and facilities and electronic cards.

Among these banks, five private banks and a government bank and one branch of a foreign bank, all of which participate in the National divider, which the central bank formally launched by a few days ago

The initiative came after he agreed the Iraqi Central Bank to proceed with the settlement of employees' salaries in private banks to boost confidence in these banks, in addition to giving an incentive for the banking sector to diversify its services.

Also represents pay and encourage institutions and Iraqi ministries dealing with private banks and to take advantage of the services and products offered to its customers as the most important factor is the initiative launched by the Central Bank in supporting the private and public banking sector

This practice and a number of officials at the central bank, including the Director of the Department of payments in the bank and director of the Department of Information Technology is also attended by representatives of the Association of private banks.  


Here we would like to inform you that the association of banks show its full readiness to help the banks, which did not organize the National PBX to provide them with counseling and support for participation in this project (this article is nothing more than fallout from the announcement made Wednesday that the CBI is implementing the Divider system. Many have asked me what the “divider” system is. I will clarify it for you so you can see just how significant this is towards the readiness to go international with their currency. The Divider system is nothing more than a system that integrates all banks in Iraq and also it ties into the international banks. This system is needed for Point of sale (POS) systems at the market place [also to send electronic cash to debtors] so citizens can swipe their electronic cards (debit or credit cards) while making purchases. How else can they electronically credit or debit their accounts? What accounts? The accounts the citizens must establish when they sign up for the SMART card. The GOI wants to pay all citizens salaries, pensions, etc using the SMART cards and not to distribute hard currency any longer. It does not make any sense to pay via electronic transfer to the card holder’s account and then have them go to the ATM machine and only withdraw all their money….again wads of cash in the hands of citizens is ripe for crime. Also they do not want to put the cash back into circulation as they have already collected so much of the 3 zero notes..got why this is important? Electronic money also allows ease of currency value to fluctuate)

Macgork: al-Baghdadi were killed and Daesh matter of time does not make up its dead in Iraq

[Oan- up]
Announced that the US State Department said Monday that the international coalition backers have managed to recover 56 percent of Iraq ‘s territory and 27 percent of Syrian territory from Daesh.

This information came in the final statement of the talks , the 68 members of the international coalition to combat the ambassadors of the countries [Daesh] led by the United States, which was held in Washington.

He said the international alliance of US special presidential envoy Brett Macgork told reporters after the talks that the number of militants [Daesh] decreases, the lowest now since more than two and a half years.

He Macgork that [Daesh currently can not compensate or fill the shortage of commanders and armed men who aremissing during military operations.

He stressed that most of the leaders and deputy leader of the [Daesh] Abu Bakr al – Baghdadi had been killed ,adding : “it ‘s a matter of time until he meets al – Baghdadi , the same fate . ”

He explained that the military and intelligence operations carried out by the international coalition has been an important factor in reducing the income for Daesh.

Iraqi commanders in eastern Mosul say IS resistance there has been fiercer than anything they have seen previously in the fight against the militants, who have targeted Iraqi troops with hundreds of car bombs.

Articles End

Their words not mine…..No Rumors, No Hype, Just the FACTS!

Auf Wiedersehen
Much love to ya all,
Mnt Goat


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