*************** The House of Representatives to vote on most of the federal budget materials for 2017

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*************** The House of Representatives to vote on most of the federal budget materials for 2017

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He completed the House of Representatives in its regular thirty - fifth , headed by Dr. Salim al - President of the Council and in the presence of 230 deputies today Sunday, 12/04/2016 vote on most of the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for the fiscal year 2017 Act materials.

At the outset of the meeting the Council agreed on the steps of a request from the security and defense committee in Parliament on the recommendations concerning fugitives and dropouts and Mfssokha contracts for military personnel and employees of the Internal Security Forces after 01/01/2014.

The Council voted on the recommendations of the Commission on Security and Defense , which includes the issuance of a decision by Mr. Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces that includes amnesty for deserters and dropouts after 01.01.2014 and to stop the legal talkback right with the formation of a key subcommittee and committees to implement the decision within a maximum period of one month that does not include amnesty involved crimes against the honor and terrorism, and add a clause compensation of employees for each of the ministries of defense and interior for the purpose of accommodating the preparation covered by amnesty and payment of their salaries with a review of administrative orders issued to refer to the officers and rank and retirement jus underage.

The presidium decided based on the Board 's approval to postpone the vote on the draft law of the Supreme Judicial Council and sponsored by the Legal Committee

Then the Council voted on most of the draft general budget of the Federal Republic of Iraq for fiscal year 2017 and materials submitted by the Finance Committee that the completion of a vote on the entire bill at a hearing tomorrow.

Estimates of the federal budget Finance / 2017 for the year of $ income (79011421000) thousand dinars (seventy-nine trillion and eleven billion, four hundred and twenty-one million dinars), while an amount of $ (100 671 160 790) thousand dinars (one hundred trillion six hundred and seventy one billion one hundred and sixty million seven hundred and ninety thousand dinars ) to expenditures for the fiscal year 2017, while the total planned deficit of the federal public budget for the financial year 2017 (21659739790) thousand dinars (twenty-one trillion six hundred and fifty-nine billion seven hundred and thirty-nine million seven hundred and ninety thousand dinars)

Then decide to adjourn the meeting until tomorrow 12/05/2016

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Iraqi Council of Representatives




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