Second National Conference of peaceful coexistence in the Babylon Hotel in the presence of Salim al - Jubouri

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Second National Conference of peaceful coexistence in the Babylon Hotel in the presence of Salim al - Jubouri

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[ltr]Under the auspices of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives of Iraq and the initiative of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs Parliamentary House of Representatives office in Karbala human rights official Abbas Fadhil Alkimber participated businessman Second National Conference of Peaceful Coexistence, held at the Babylon Hotel on Gilgamesh Hall under the slogan of (Iraq's post-liberation Nineveh peaceful coexistence community and the state of citizenship ), which opened the conference in which the President of the Iraqi Council of Representatives d. Saleem al-Jubouri speech in which he stressed the need to adhere to peaceful coexistence Ahli and respect for the ingredients and the need for initiating one agreed line of all Iraqis to begin the process of genuine national reconciliation after the liberation of Mosul Daesh It must be hard work and faith sincere to restore the people liberated provinces to their villages and towns because they the true owners of the land and this is confirmed by the divine justice in order to preserve national unity

For his part, he stressed Keywords Chairman of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs, who blessed the work of this conference reviewing the achievements of the Committee of Religious Endowments and Religious Affairs of social reconciliation and openness to all shades of the components and the various Iraqi society and the establishment of many Alouhodah practices in Husseiniyahs and mosques and churches in our endeavor to find a conciliatory environment that fosters from the Iraqi people, calling the Iraqi parliament committees related to Mr. Prime d. Haider al-Abadi engages and cooperation for the success of this initiative, reviewing the achievements of the Iraqi army valiant and crowd the popular hero of epics and great victories represents the first major building block in the construction of Iraq after the liberation of Mosul Daesh stressing the role of the religious authority present and calling for and supporting each steps that would keep unit Iraq's land and people

For his part, D.abboud al-Issawi, head of the parliamentary clans we are key partners in this initiative through fruitful and continued cooperation with the Committee of Awqaf and Religious Affairs parliamentary and the Presidium of the House of Representatives calling on the Iraqi tribes and the affairs of the tribes that Tnbari of every terrorist blood on his hands with the blood of Iraqis and Ankhalt organizations is Takfiri and raise arms in the face of his family and those representing the red line can not deal with them, stressing that the Iraqi tribes and elders agree on this matter from his part, Mr. effectively Maliki Committee chairman stressed the implementation of national reconciliation in the Council of Ministers that we have large stocks of experience in the area of ​​national reconciliation, and we have many successful experiences and it failed, but also represents a certain relied upon to start a national reconciliation fact inspired by past experience and trying to rule out the development of positives and its negatives blessed the Iraqi Council of Representatives and the Committee on the Awqaf residence of a national conference for this purpose

For his part, the human rights of Karbala Bureau official Abbas Fadhil Alkimber the conference included joint workshops among those present various sects and creeds to jot down as much as possible of the visions and ideas for the activation of national reconciliation and the fact that a successful defense of civil peace and peaceful co-existence and renounce all kinds of religious and nationalist extremism and chauvinist thinking mechanisms and practical tools in order to strengthen the Iraqi national identity and make identity Supreme that joins it all Iraqis, adding that the House of Representatives offices will begin holding workshops and meetings elitist for the process of activating a genuine process of national reconciliation by Mcdh expert professor Abdullah Hussein Mohammed, head of the provincial offices in the parliamentary circle

It is worth mentioning that the conference saw the participation of tribal leaders from Mosul, Anbar and Salahuddin province, and representatives of the Christian Endowment and the threshold of the Holy upper and imams of mosques and Shiite mosques and activists civilians and the presence of a diplomat and a representative large addition to the presence of the rights of displaced citizens, private High Commissioner [/ltr]

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