Legal representative: Legal Federal Supreme Judicial Court in the next legislative term approva

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Legal representative: Legal Federal Supreme Judicial Court in the next legislative term approva

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} likely legal committee member of the parliamentary honest frankincense, legal approval of the Supreme Judicial Council and the Federal Court draft, during the next legislative term of the Council of Representatives.

He frankincense, told {Euphrates News}, that "the illegal Supreme Judicial Council, the Federal Court, important laws," noting that "we may reach agreements with respect to the law of the Federal Court for approval."

"There are a lot of laws awaiting approval, and the Legal serious about their work, and there may be a group and a package of laws in the public interest waiting for the next legislative term."

He attributed the frankincense, delay the adoption of these laws to "some of the intersections of the views of some political blocs that consider it as a matter of plug-and-block, which prevents the adoption of these laws."

He pointed out that "these obstacles become less today than ever before, and we are optimistic for the adoption of the laws."

The House Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, announced last Wednesday, the first legislative term legislative year, the third third of the parliamentary session, after the parliamentary vote on the draft federal budget law for next year 2017 ends.

It is noteworthy that, for the Council of Representatives on the fourth of December of this, vote on the draft law of the Supreme Judicial Council, pending the settlement of political differences on some of its paragraphs.

Noteworthy that, Rapporteur of the Council of Representatives, Imad Youkhana, he said, in the third of last September's {Euphrates News}, there is a point of contention are still ongoing between the Kurdistan Alliance and other blocs, on the draft of the Federal Court Act, explaining that the ready-law to a vote, but the political agreement did not gets it, pointing out that the law is present and there were some points of contention have been processed, and there is a point between the Kurdistan Alliance and other blocs are still stuck so far has not been resolved Bad.anthy 1


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