Ihsanoglu: more than 30 laws ready to vote in the next legislative term

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Ihsanoglu: more than 30 laws ready to vote in the next legislative term

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December 17, 2016 | 10:33

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He said the Iraqi parliament rapporteur Niazi architecture Ihsanoglu said the council in the process of voting on more than 30 laws in the new legislative term sessions.

He said Ihsanoglu, in a press statement on Saturday (December 2016 17), that "the laws ready to vote distributed among all the relevant parliamentary committees and the Presidency, not only with the Parliamentary Legal Committee."

He explained that "there are more than 30 laws completed the first and second readings, and is fully ready to vote in the next legislative term sessions."

He stressed that "the new legislative chapter hearings will put the task of a basket of legislation on the agenda of the vote, respectively, according to priority," noting that "the Federal Court Rules, Elections and the Civil Service Council and health insurance, accountability and justice, in the forefront of those stomach legislation to a vote at the resumption of the parliamentary hearings on the seventh of next month".

The House of Representatives and the legislative term ended earlier this month after the hearings majority vote on the terms of the federal budget with all its amendments law.



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