Abadi: Document good national settlement and soon will control most of the regions of Mosul expanded {}

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Abadi: Document good national settlement and soon will control most of the regions of Mosul expanded {}

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi described the document of national reconciliation as good, as announced near the control of most areas in the city of Mosul.

Ebadi said during the weekly press conference held at his office in Baghdad attended by the correspondent of the News} {Euphrates Tuesday, "We have achieved great victories Daesh in the city of Mosul and Weimar day without achieving significant success and insist Daesh."
He pointed out that "will soon control most of the areas in Mosul," calling "to" vigilance of terrorist operations trying Daesh implemented in some countries. "

The Abadi "very careful to protect embassies and diplomatic missions in Iraq," noting that "the security forces are fighting on the one hand, there is an environment that support terrorists on the other hand."

And "we need to" social cohesion and reconciliation, community to eliminate the terrorist gangs Daesh schemes, "noting that" the document a good settlement. "

He pointed out that the "anti-terrorism device is very important and this look to any loss that might be for the life of any fighter in it and any information you come across an article or a particular story is not true about the number of fighters losses is incorrect."

He went on saying that "the liberation of Mosul stopped operations is not true and who got that Daesh the targeting of citizens across the mortars at the progress of security forces towards the revival of Mosul."

He continued, "The sum of bombs used by the wheels Daesh in the battle of Mosul are {900} wheel of a booby-trapped." Noting that "the Hawija besieged from all sides and does not represent a threat for us."

He pointed out that it "is committed to providing candidates for the vacant ministries to the House of Representatives for the purpose of voting on them," noting that "the parliament more willing to accept the names of the new ministers."

Abadi He noted that "there is willingness by Turkey to start a new page with Iraq, and this is good to improve relations between the two countries."

And on the validation of the popular crowd between al-Abadi said the law "will issue new instructions after the publication of the popular crowd in the Official Gazette the Law."

Turning the Prime Minister to the Cabinet decisions, which included voting on resolutions in support of lifting the ban on Iraqi stadiums and the launch of peasants and farmers for the second and third Ojptin allocations before the end of this year in addition to the decisions Akhary.anthy m



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