The Social Security Act waiting for the government and parliament to pass an agreement

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The Social Security Act waiting for the government and parliament to pass an agreement

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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Attributed to the Labour and Social Affairs parliamentary, Saturday, failure to submit a draft social security law to parliament not to apply the social protection law because of the financial crisis, confirming its intention to move to move with freedom of trade union organization beginning of the new legislative term of the law, while the Legal Committee of the Parliamentary hoped Ptousel government and stakeholders to draft a law that meets the needs of citizens, usually that legislation security Act reduces the burden on the staffing of the state.

The deputy chairman of the Committee, Kanna, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The number of projects submitted to the Social Security Act, the first of the presidency and the other from the working committee of parliamentary," returned to "project presented by the Commission is the best for its service segments of society even though he did not pass by the parliament yet. "

And he was denied, "and there is strong opposition to the Social Security Act," adding, "But not to apply the social protection law despite legislation earlier, under the pretext of financial liquidity, even though he was of the finest laws, making Ttrat Commission put a proposal to the Social Security Act."

The Deputy Chairman of the Labour and Social Affairs parliamentary, that "the financial crisis is a big problem on the application of the laws," stressing that "the Commission will move the start of the new legislative chapter on legal freedom of trade union organization and social security."

For its part the parliamentary legal committee, indicated that the Social Security Act for the private sector is still being discussed among the public pension body and head of government, according to what reported by the general director of retirement when hosted by the Committee.

A member of the Legal Committee, Shawki Salim, in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The Social Security Act, if passed will reduce many of the landlords Aloziv of the state, as the direction of the citizen to the private sector would be in return for guaranteeing its future and the future of his family."

He said Shawqi, that "the legal committee made some time ago a proposal for a law on retirement," adding, "but I preferred to wait with the survival of a project the Social Security Act in the Cabinet, because the government with the concerned authorities will choose inevitably the best formulation of the bill to meet the needs of citizens."

The Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Mohammed Shia 'Al Sudani, announced, in the (third from September 2015), the adoption of a draft pension law and social security for workers, after some necessary amendments to the paragraphs, while detecting send the draft law to the Cabinet for approval, he emphasized The government there is a tendency to merge the two pension funds and warranty with the common retirement fund.

The advantages of pension law and social security for workers is optional escrow so that the employer is entitled to the categories of self-employed inclusiveness Branch retirement and benefit from the advantages present and future, and to ensure that workers in the informal sector groups, and the inclusion of roving guards and porters, vendors and other provisions of the new draft law, as well as support wide by the general budget of the pension Fund and social security to pay for the burdens of entry under the social welfare umbrella and implement the content of the international recommendation 204 for the year 2015, which means the process of legal and technical transition from the informal to the formal economy, with increases or raising the level of women working to protect when pregnancy and childbirth and beyond and increasing the length of maternity leave to 14 weeks in implementation of the ILO Convention 183 on maternity protection.


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