Pass the oil and gas law is subject to "agreement" between Baghdad and Erbil, Abadi prepares for "drafting" new

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Pass the oil and gas law is subject to "agreement" between Baghdad and Erbil, Abadi prepares for "drafting" new

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Long-Presse / Baghdad

Counting the National Alliance, the political climate has become "appropriate" to pass laws "troubled and mission," including oil and gas law, while the Oil and Energy Committee in the House of Representatives considered that the project passed requires a prior agreement between Baghdad and Erbil, revealed the withdrawal of government projects proponents of the law of parliament in order to provide a new formulation.

The deputy for the National Alliance Habib Terminal in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The draft oil and gas law put forward in Parliament a long time ago and met with many of the objections," pointing out that "the project is still in the inclusion of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary."

The terminal, that "the oil and gas and the Federal Court and the Federation Council draft laws, is one of the pillars of building a state of institutions," returned to "political influence was evident in the lack of approval during the last session about particular."

He noted the National Alliance MP, that "the Kurdistan region deal as an equal with the Iraqi state, despite the fact that the task of such laws and should be handled with appropriate political atmosphere away from the push and pull," asserting that "appropriate political atmosphere, is currently available to pass those draft laws, and especially since the atmosphere of the battle against Daesh created some sort of appropriate for the adoption of important laws and distressed. "

For his part, Chairman of the Commission on oil and energy parliamentary Ares Abdullah said in an interview to the (long-Presse), "The lack of federal and Kurdish governments agreement on a draft oil law, the gas led to the obstruction of approval," stressing that "the project can not be passed without prior agreement between the Territory The center and the rest of the oil-producing provinces. "

Abdullah added that "the passage of the oil and gas law without prior agreement on it would be difficult from the possibility of its application," pointing out that "differences on the project was and still respect the powers of the management of the oil sector."

He said Chairman of the Committee, that "Article 112 of the Iraqi constitution allows some of the powers of the region and the oil-producing provinces to proceed to interpret the law," stressing that "the Commission is still waiting for the parties concerned an agreement to pass the project."

He revealed Abdullah, for "the existence of two projects for the oil and gas law, the first prepared since 2007 and the second was prepared in 2011," he said, adding that that "the Council of Ministers to withdraw the drafts of the House of Representatives hope to draft a new project and submit it to the House floor and passed."

Article 112 of the Iraqi Constitution that the federal government's oil and gas extracted from current fields in cooperation with the governments of producing regions and provinces, that distributes and imports in a manner compatible with the demographical distribution all over the country, with a quota specified period for the damaged regions that were deprived in an unfair way by the former regime, which were damaged after that, to ensure balanced development in different parts of the country, and is regulated by law.

The Commission on oil and energy parliamentary, have been revealed in (the 22 of November 2016), all efforts to pass a draft oil and gas law, as amended, accusing some of blocs and political parties to derail approval for "incompatible with the interests", while the speaker of parliament adviser count to modify it. " has become inevitable, "the Kurdistan Alliance confirmed submit proposals received the" admissibility "of the National Alliance on the project.

The Iraqi government announced, in (28 August 2011), ratification of the draft oil and gas law, and decided to submit them to Parliament for approval, while Deputy Prime Minister for Energy Affairs Office, Hussain al-Shahristani, on the second of July, the government introduced " some amendments "to the draft oil law, which is long overdue and reviewed by the Committee on energy Council of Ministers.


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