Oil Minister: Iraq will discuss three important files with Kuwait

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Oil Minister: Iraq will discuss three important files with Kuwait

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{Baghdad: Euphrates News} Oil Minister Ali Jabbar Hussein Allaibi on Saturday, before heading to Kuwait at the head of a high oil technical delegation, said Iraq would discuss with the brothers three important files between the two countries.

Allaibi said in a statement, the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it today, that "Iraq is keen to strengthen bilateral relations with our brothers in Kuwait in all fields, especially in the oil and gas sector," adding that "relations have witnessed great development during the past years." He also praised "the role of the Kuwaiti government and people to stand by the Iraqi people in their fight against the terrorist gangs."

"The delegation will discuss a number of issues of common interest in the files, including the oil fields border file between Iraq and neighboring Kuwait, and also discuss the possibility of Kuwait processing surplus gas from Iraq's need, as well as invited Kuwaiti companies to co-invest in projects announced by the Ministry of Oil in sectors extraction and filtering, drilling, and other infrastructure, as well as discuss the development of bilateral relations and in the interest of the two brotherly peoples. "

He noted that "we have seen from the Kuwaiti brothers during the last period responsive and open to the great issues and common themes."

For his part, he said ministry spokesman Assem Jihad said, "This visit comes in line with the plans and directions of the federal government and the Oil Ministry to strengthen ties with the brothers and the neighboring countries and the region, and work to increase the volume of cooperation and expand investment in the oil and gas sector space and to serve the common interests."

"The two-day visit, the delegation held several meetings with the brothers in the Kuwaiti Ministry of Petroleum and officials in the State of Kuwait" .anthy



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