Abadi: We need three months to eliminate Daesh and I will give candidates the vacant ministries soon expanded {}

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Abadi: We need three months to eliminate Daesh and I will give candidates the vacant ministries soon expanded {}

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{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, said on Tuesday that "Iraq needs three months to eliminate the final Daesh as announced that he will present candidates for the vacant ministries soon.

Ebadi said during a news conference in Baghdad attended by Agency correspondent {Euphrates News} on Tuesday that "the number of car bombs of the Daesh and triggered by the security forces of more than {900} cars during the last two months," adding that "security forces at the Battle of Mosul and we reached an advanced stage, and we are continuing to equip military aircraft of the Iraqi air force. "

He stressed the need not to use the post in the attack on the people, as happened in the case of the attack on a school principal in the province of Dhi Qar and wait for the judiciary needed to take. "

He said, "The Council of Ministers discussed today during its Contractors benefits as he re-vote on the amnesty law."

He pointed out that "the Electoral Commission has made great efforts to detect counterfeiters election of its employees and Hola been bringing them amnesty law."

He added, "The government has succeeded in fiscal policy management and maintenance requirements of the battle, despite the collapse of oil prices."

He explained that the "popular crowd Act gives the proliferation of weapons outside the framework of the state and otherwise is unauthorized.

And between, that "the available data indicate that Iraq needed three months to eliminate Daesh," noting that "I will give candidates the vacant ministries soon and I am keen to get away from any disagreement with the political blocs.

He went on saying al-Abadi, said: "We reject the Saudi statements about the popular crowd and them solve their problems away from Iraq."

He announced that "The cabinet formed a committee to choose a competent Basra, capital of Arab culture, especially that the province included a large number of poets, intellectuals and scientists."

Financial Supervisory formed special committees to scrutinize the projects completed by contractors and there Kbebar keen to obtain the contractor on its merits, noting that "it was discovered that the funds estimated for a large real benefits to contractors and this calculated financial scrutiny."

According to Abadi, that "the cabinet voted today to set up a number of projects in the field of electricity from a loan provided by the US government."



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