A proposal to reduce the number of seats in parliament

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A proposal to reduce the number of seats in parliament

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BAGHDAD / morning
Parliamentary sources revealed a new proposal to abolish the 100 parliamentary seats, while the parliament discussing a draft provincial elections law with the start of its meetings on the tenth of January.

According to MP for the coalition of state law, Abbas al-Bayati said in a statement that «the House of Representatives will begin its first session with the beginning of the new legislative term on the tenth of January next year to complete the discussion of the provincial elections law», indicating that «the law will depend St Lego rate that allows system the division of seats by one to seven. » Al-Bayati added that «the discussions are still going on about the local councils and seats in the House of Representatives», pointing out that «there hosted the got and you will get the civil society organizations and experts».

 MP for the rule of law and stressed that «blocs will discuss the law, according to sizes taking into account the reactions and mass claims the change, but the result will be concerned with the question of voting on the final version», adding that «the government has proposed reducing the number of members of the provincial councils in half and we are supportive of this proposal, as well to reduce the members of the House of Representatives deputy up to 100 or less or a little more to become the number between 200 or 275, but the reduction need a constitutional opinion to move him ».

 Al-Bayati stressed «the importance and role of the Iraqi people in the changing faces through awareness and electoral education in addition to developing filters for the candidates and not just accepted material specifications points which is to be 30 years old and the failure to include accountability and justice and has a junior certificate».



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