A parliamentary committee revealed for the morning { »all points of disagreement on the Federal Court Act

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A parliamentary committee revealed for the morning { »all points of disagreement on the Federal Court Act

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BAGHDAD / morning
Legal Committee in the House of Representatives unveiled »Sabah» fundamental disagreement about the draft of the Federal Court Act, on the question of the court and vote

Rapporteur of the Committee, said Hassan Turan »Sabah»: The Commission has completed the Federal Court Act for more than a year », adding that« the problem related to this law can be solved by agreement of the blocks with each Some ».

He said Turan that «formats based on the draft law did not solve so far», indicating that «the Commission awaits the presidency of the parliament inclusion in the agenda Business".

It considers Kurdish blocs to be decisions of the Federal Court unanimously while it was the opinion of the rest of the members of the committee that these decisions be majority

He was a member of the Committee Kamel al-Zaidi confirmed the demise of these differences after reaching a solution that combines the two views on this paragraph, which is to be court decisions unanimously on issues concerning the region, and did not get a consensus is granted the court for a month which held two meetings, and if they do not reach a solution Vsamrr decision majority two-thirds, noting that this solution landslide parties of the Kurdish National Alliance, hoping to pass this law during the stage nearby Next.

For his part, member of the Committee endorsed frankincense: that the atmosphere of convergence taking place between the political blocs can be resolved controversial paragraphs Statistics on this law as arrived To an end.

Chewing gum in an interview for »morning», optimism about passage of the law during the next legislative term, noting that the National Alliance wants to be the court's decision Alathdah two-thirds majority and is the third hang in the absence of agreement on the resolution, while the Kurds and supported by the Union of Forces want that vote will be unanimous on all decisions which disrupts work Court.

Frankincense and stressed the importance of the adoption of the Federal Court to decide the constitutionality of laws and what is happening from the conflicts law and rulings are binding and without appeal to everyone, making it a reference for decision-making in the event of differences or disputes between ministries or any other top destinations.

The Committee member Salim Chawki, he stressed, in an interview for »morning», the determination of the Commission on the legislation of the new Federal Court Act, adding that he will save us from the elements he described as »Fetishism» in court as he put it, making political work rather than a legally.

Shawki promised to start work legislation of the law will be a quantum leap on the path of judicial reform, noting that he shall not hold any judicial reform through other authorities, because the principle of separation of powers in accordance with Article 47 of the Constitution of the Republic of Iraq does not allow the executive and legislative branches to perform any repair only by Lawmaking.



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