Conference {} Baghdad dialogue kicks off next week

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Conference {} Baghdad dialogue kicks off next week

Post  Admin on Sat Jan 07, 2017 9:32 am

Saturday, January 7, 2017 - 8:45

BAGHDAD / morning examine Parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri, the deputy US ambassador to Iraq, Stephanie Williams fight gangs «Daesh» terror and supporting the displaced, while stressed the need to create visions fit the future of Iraq after the victory over terrorism.

 A statement by the Office of the Chairman of the Media Representatives, received «morning», said Jubouri search, during a meeting with Williams, «the overall situation in Iraq and the region, and developments in the war on Daesh terrorist and support of the international coalition in general and the role the United States played in this war on the level of military backing and international humanitarian and relief.

 » The statement added that "the two sides stressed the depth of relations between the two sides and ways of strengthening them in order to preserve the joint cooperation in maintaining security in Iraq and the region and an end to the risk of terrorist organizations."

And eighth-Jubouri "The role of the United States in the great support Iraq in its war against terror Daesh as well as in support of Iraq in the humanitarian issue and re-displaced people and the reconstruction of areas affected by the war effort."

 For her part, Williams confirmed, according to the statement, her country's quest for "achieving stability in Iraq and an end to the terrorist presence at home, and to provide all possible humanitarian assistance and attention to the displaced file and the reconstruction of the affected areas."

 Furthermore, a statement of the Office of the Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hamoudi said that he "briefed al-Jubouri, the latest developments and the preparations carried out by the Preparatory Committee for the Baghdad dialogue to be held on 14 - Jan. 15, sponsored by Hammoudi, during a meeting with Executive Director of the conference, Abbas al-Amiri.".

 The eighth president of the House of Representatives, according to the statement, "the efforts of those in charge of the upcoming and ongoing working conference, in order to find formulations and visions suitable for the future of Iraq after the victory over terrorism phase," stressing "the importance of listening to various Iraqi, Arab and international perspectives in this regard."


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