This is a great piece, I am not putting this in the War News

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This is a great piece, I am not putting this in the War News

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My fight against terrorism: the coming days, carrying happy surprises for all Iraqis, especially the people of Mosul (Details)
08-01-2017 02:10 PM

East News -

Major General Fadel Barwari corner of the counter - terrorism apparatus, the 'last Friday , January 6 marked the Iraqi army holiday, but because of our progress in the fighting was not possible for us sweets were distributed to the army and the citizens. "

Berwari said in a press statement, we 'Today we distribute sweets to mark the founding of the Iraqi army, and in the near future also Snozaa sweets to mark the liberation of Mosul city is full of elements of al - Daesh'.

Berwari He continued that 'progress on the part of anti - terrorist side of this device arrived in Al Muthanna, was the liberation of the first aspect of this neighborhood until we arrived at the archaeological village that separates Al Muthanna to both sides, and now go towards the second side neighborhood of Muthanna and crossed Khosr River River'.

Abizaid and Major General Fadel Barwari, that 'we have big surprises we will announce in the next few days, and this happy surprises for all Iraqis, and especially to the people of Mosul. "

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