Conference (Baghdad dialogue) under the slogan (after the victory Options)

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Conference (Baghdad dialogue) under the slogan (after the victory Options)

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For the location of the conference click here .....

Sponsored by
Member of the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Eminence Sheikh Dr. Hamoudi

We are pleased to invite you to attend a conference (Baghdad dialogue) under the slogan (after the victory Options) to discuss various visions, political, economic and security community to Iraq after the (Daesh) After thirteen years experience.

Conference will be held in collaboration between the University of Baghdad and the Iraqi Institute for the dialogue of thought, on 14 and January 15, 2017, in the Great Hall of the House of Representatives, and completed his second day in the Faculty of Information Baghdad University.

Your participation reflects your concern in the development of a vision for a unified Iraq stable , secure and prosperous proud of belonging to him.

The Preparatory Commission

1 opening at 9.30 am.

2 bringing the number of gripping (2) to attend the first day of the conference in the House of Representatives.

3 To confirm your attendance please contact the numbers below.

Iraqi Institute for the dialogue of thought

Research institution independent intellectual, concerned with policy issues, security and Alaguetsadoualajtmaa and thought, especially those linked to the Iraqi issue.

Institute through his education research seeks to Acetktabalmt_khaschin in the political, social, security, economic and intellectual science and Osahabalaqrar in the country down to achieve the visions of the process of helping to find solutions to the challenges Altiusband state and community solutions, relying approach the dialogue in the research and debates and all its versions.

Institute means the monitoring and diagnosis of the most prominent themes in the Alsahhalaracah and reflections and analysis, discusses the challenges facing the community cohesion flocks of citizenship and identity, unity and sovereignty of the scientific and economic level.

It also means studying affecting Alhonalaraca all political, economic, media and other aspects of foreign policy.

Founded Iraqi Institute for the dialogue of thought after the fall of Alnzamaldictatorre specifically in 2005, issued his quarterly magazine labeled b ((Hawwaralvkr)) characterized by a special file in each number, addresses the most important issues concerning the affairs Alaracewalakulaima and international, released so far _oa in January 2016_ eight thirty (38) number.

Hold the Iraqi Institute for Dialogue thought conferences and workshops Amilotdreb and seminars geared to professionals, and the public, and translates the task Alabhathualdrasat relevant Iraqi affairs from foreign languages such as Alangelazahoturkah, Farsi and others, publishes publications in the magazine (thought dialogue) and sometimes in Ketbmstqlh.

He oversees the Iraqi Institute for the dialogue to the thought of a member of the board of Representatives Riashcil Eminence Sheikh Dr. Hamoudi, featuring institute such supervision proximity Mnmphasal task of the Iraqi state, and good relations with the leaders and personalities of regional and cross - Dolahmanmh general supervisor.


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