Hammoudi announce the start of the Baghdad dialogue conference

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Hammoudi announce the start of the Baghdad dialogue conference

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Since 12/01/2017 11:30 (Baghdad time)

Baghdad balances News

Announced the Presidium member of parliament Humam Hamoudi, said Thursday that next Saturday will be the date for the start of the Baghdad dialogue conference.

Hammoudi said in a press conference that "the acts of Baghdad dialogue conference kicks off next Saturday (January 2017 14)," noting that "his work will be completed in the next day at the University of Baghdad."

He added, "The conference was the initiative of the civil society organization (Iraqi Institute for the dialogue of thought), in collaboration with the University of Baghdad and welcomed by the board presidency," pointing out that "the conference will be a minimum of disbursements, we will show next week the results of the conference and achievements and all what has been spent. "

The Hammoudi, the need to "focus victory, think about the future of the country after Daesh," referring to the need to "attend all parliamentary committees."

He stressed, "It has not been invited delegations wide from neighboring countries, because of the financial situation."

He stressed member of the presidency of the parliament, said: "Our conference is not to give speeches, but to come out with visions, goals and processors of the security situation, and how to achieve stability and the fight against extremism and to address the speeches atonement" .anthy 29 / A 43



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