Infallible: people waiting for us security and economic future it deserves

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Infallible: people waiting for us security and economic future it deserves

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Baghdad balances News

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, Saturday, on the need to uphold the principles of dialogue and the Commissioner for the purpose overcome all obstacles, pointing out that the people waiting for political security and economic future it deserves.

Masum said in a speech during the "Baghdad dialogue), which was held today at Baghdad University and attended / balances News /, he said that" to speak more than one voice and the idea is to provide diversity and differences in views of space, to bring one Sam objective of the Conference, a dialogue "noting that" we as Iraqis already started dialogue and expression of virtually all of our unity, and this was in the presence of the terrorist gangs Daesh stage. "

He added that "dialogue and acceptance are each guarantee the sustainability of our unit and the unit is fit and progressing our country toward stability and peace," stressing that "there is never return to dictatorship, not the rule of a just law."

He called infallible, to "provide adequate opportunities for the diversity of intellectual, sectarian and national within the national framework," explaining that "the people waiting for us in the future security and economic befits Ptdhyate."

The President of the Republic, "the city of Mosul near the liberalization of Conception criminals," and praised the "humanitarian security forces to deal with civilians," .anthy 29 / A 43معصوم-الشعب-ينتظر-منا-مستقبل-امني-واقتصادي-يليق-به/سياسية


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