Arab and international delegations: The conference is an important step toward stabilizing Iraq

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Arab and international delegations: The conference is an important step toward stabilizing Iraq

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BAGHDAD / morning
Arab and foreign guests participating in the conference «Baghdad dialogue» stressed that the convening of this conference under the big victories that Iraqis achieve on the battlefield and near the end and the demise of terrorism as well as large variables in the region and the world; it all makes and other adopted ideas dialogue conference is an important step towards stability Iraq.
The member of the Syrian People's Assembly for Aleppo province, Mohammed Maher site that «this is the fruit of dialogue through the victories achieved by the Iraqi forces in liberating the land from the abomination terrorist gangs».
The parliamentarian, the Syrian in a statement to «morning»: The «we arrived from Syria to Baghdad (Black Castle) was in order to announce that Syria and Iraq in the same trench in the face of this terrorist ideology obscurantist Black, who did not bring on Arabism only every devastation and destruction» and he pointed out that «dialogue Forum in Baghdad in order to see what options after the victory; is an urgent need not to Iraq, but for all countries that are exposed to terrorist ideology obscurantist.»
And between the site, that «the face of this thought is not only a military victory, but to work on removing the repercussions on the reality and history so it is our duty - especially Syria and Iraq target groups stage and preliminary to this Alparwa- to examine how we invest this physical victory the military triumph of intellectual enables us to eliminate this terrorist ideology that threatens the rights and homelands around the world. »

Prior success
The Palestinian ambassador in Baghdad, Ahmed's mind, he stressed «We believe that the conference (Baghdad dialogue) has achieved significant success once held and attendance is interesting for the participants, especially the presence of Iraq's three presidencies and important words».
He said the mind in a statement »Sabah»: «I have to praise the initiative of brotherly Iraq to hold an intellectual talk show conference at this level with the participation of the most important Iraqi Interior parties and regional parties affecting», pointing out that «we consider the conference a good omen for Iraq's Arab, regional and area», he added that «Iraq is the first Arab country that took the initiative to hold a talk-show conference at this level and depth, and this is the proper and right way to establish a viable common interests of all the Iraqi factions, as well as the construction of common interests between the Arab countries and the countries of the region».

Right step
The head of the delegation and the representative of the Jordanian parliament, leading Khaza'leh saw that «dialogue in this conference building and calls for openness to others, indicating that« just put this address a conference would be a step in the right direction ».
He explained Khaza'leh »Sabah»: «must be agreement on the elimination of thought« Aldaasha »because we live in the middle of the red-hot, Amman and Baghdad surroundings suffer from terrorism, so it does not need to be coordination at all levels in order to eradicate this scourge and extremist thinking, which hurt the nation and humanity all» and urged the authorities in Iraq, Jordan agree on a «build a common security system for the exchange of security and intelligence and military information in order to eliminate the thought« Aldaasha »extreme», explained that «Iraq is fighting on behalf of all humanity, so we must stand with him and coordination at all levels between the two countries ».

Positive idea
For his part, Chairman of the National Security deputy head of the Iranian Shura Council Alaeddin Boroujerdi foreign policy, pointed to «the idea of ​​holding this conference a positive interactive is a matter of reassurance to the Iraqi people that the« Daesh »has ended and we must think about post-« Daesh »terrorist».
And between Boroujerdi »Sabah« The «This conference will be a good speech refers to self-enjoyed by the government, the army and the Iraqi people confidence», indicating that «the victory over« Daesh »would have a positive impact on regional and global levels, because« Daesh »is threatening the region whole », pointing out that« Iran's participation in this conference, is an expression of support for Iraq, and we believe that we must deal with the theme of dialogue in a more transparent and more realistic so that we can isolate these parties that support «Daesh» and is supported ».
As he explained representative of the Association of Lebanese editors of the press Ali Yusuf that «dialogue is very important with a major shift in the atmosphere of the region, especially in the victories achieved by the great Iraq and the transition in Syria stage.»
And between Joseph »Sabah»: «We are going into a new phase of variables requires a dialogue on building after this mess stage and the entry of terrorism to the region», adding that «stage requires reconsidering our issues fateful and re-cohesion, and all these issues require real dialogue and reconfigure our communities and building our countries. »

The unity of Iraqis
Head of the Egyptian delegation at the conference, Major General Saad beauty, stressed that «schemes that aim to divide Iraq failed thanks to the unity of Iraqis.»
Maj. Gen. beauty during his speech at a conference (Baghdad dialogue) on Saturday: «I carry a document tribute to the Iraqi people who defied all attacks against, and stayed and will always remain one people together deep tributary of Arabism deep bond» and noted that «Egypt is ready to contribute to the reconstruction of Iraq and support the mutual relations between the two countries »and added that« the steadfastness and unity has foiled all schemes to divide Iraq, and fight the Iraqi war fierce foiled all plans », indicating that« Egypt and the nation will be supportive and support
Iraq ».


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