Washington set up the largest consulate in Arbil and four fixed positions in Mosul

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Washington set up the largest consulate in Arbil and four fixed positions in Mosul

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Khalk: Follow-up
Officials in the government of Iraq's Kurdistan region revealed on Tuesday, a close Washington directly largest consulate in the Middle East region in Irbil building, on an area of ​​about 20 hectares (about 200 thousand square meters), including construction and facilities.

The newspaper, for officials as saying, "The new US consulate is the largest of its kind in the Middle East, and will be near the tourist resort of Salahuddin, near Arbil."

He added, that "American companies and other local Iraqi consulate will build a process that, as an alternative to the current headquarters, which is modest."

For their part, he stressed the head of external relations at the Government of the Territory Falah Mustafa Abubakar, therefore, noting that "the United States made the request before the establishment of the consulate and plans related thereto, have been referred to the Foreign Relations stakeholders to give their consent."

Quoted a local Kurdish television station close to the head of the Kurdistan Regional Government as saying, "The cost of construction of the US consulate, which will be built on a land area of ​​20 hectares will be $ 600 million, and will be completed in four years after
To that revealed military sources, on Monday, for repositioning US forces in four of the eastern neighborhoods of the city of Mosul, the center of the protection measures tight, banned under which the entry of Iraqi forces into those neighborhoods with aerial surveillance around the clock, with the beginning of the implementation of the gold band a new US plan.

 An officer of a unit of the Iraqi army in Mosul in a press statement, said that «neighborhoods where established« US forces four bases », which he described as« fixed »is« Kokjla, Jerusalem and Saddam and flowers ».

 He explained that «the US forces took a number of protective measures, including conducting reconnaissance planes day and night to monitor the areas where US forces in those neighborhoods and follow any movements in their surroundings in anticipation of attacks by suicide bombers state regulation on the headquarters of the Americans», he said.

He added that «among other actions by US troops return of displaced families to their homes in four neighborhoods after they were prevented Iraqi forces and the popular crowd earlier return to it after its liberation, fearing for their lives from the state regulation of attacks», stressing that «the ban on US troops any Iraqi forces from approaching those neighborhoods or entering ».



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