Abadi: our troops began to move west of Mosul

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Abadi: our troops began to move west of Mosul

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Revealed «morning» for a visit to Germany next month
BAGHDAD / morning / Alaa al-Taie

He congratulated the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces Haider al-Abadi Prime Minister of Iraqi victories achieved by our security forces in the liberation of Mosul battles, stressing that the military operations are going very successfully, where we are about to edit the coast left full, and when he announced the government's intention to provide electrical power to the citizens for 24 hours a day, detecting edit some of the hijackers Alaesideat the latest child intelligence efforts.

World owes to Iraq
Ebadi said, at the weekly press conference held on Tuesday and attended by «morning», that terrorism continues to collapse and that the war waged by the Iraq war with the rival ideology as ideological deviant goal killed the largest number of citizens and the destruction of facilities and infrastructure of the state », indicating that« the world owes Iraq because it is fighting a guerrilla «Daesh» terror on his behalf ».»

 Prime Minister, who called on the security forces and citizens to caution and beware of terrorist operations, pointed out that «the security forces managed to thwart dozens of terrorist operations», adding that «terrorism has sponsors from the financial, political and media terms».

He also noted that Iraqi forces began moving west Mosul. Abadi between the «Our goal is to reduce the military effort in safe cities and activate the intelligence side, which we will adopt it significantly», indicating that «We are fighting a terrorist organization by winning it but eradicated needs time because it is not a modicum intellectually deviant groups».

And on the liberalization of the kidnappers and hijackers, the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces explained that «Edits cities saw liberalization of a number of Alaesideat abducted women from the liberated areas and has recently been liberalized girl was smuggled to Turkey and the efforts of our troops has returned to Iraq», saying «We are determined to expose the crimes of (Daesh) for the international community. »

And about the government's plans to improve the electricity sector, Abadi said that the government continues to implement its plan to provide electricity to citizens over 24 hours, revealing «the existence of corruption rings designed to stop the processing power of citizens throughout the day».

As for the project Basmajh residential, Prime Minister and he has said, »will be allocated to the means of transportation for the purpose of movement of citizens of the project to Baghdad quickly and properly», indicating that «the project is complete and we seek to develop in a way that citizens can acquire these apartments».

Abadi added that 4000 was the completion of an apartment and it is hoped the completion of 20,000 apartments or housing units during the current year, adding that it was set up a laboratory for the completion of units turnkey construction.

US-Iraqi relations
Regarding the future of relations Alaracah_ US, the chief executive said the future of relations between the two countries depends on US policy toward Iraq and Iraq's relationship with the United States, pointing out that our common goal is to fight terrorism because «Daesh» danger to the world.

He continued Abadi Our ambition that support would continue in the area of ​​training, arming and logistical support and intelligence sharing, and between that «the US occupation contributed to the end of the dictatorial regime dictatorial, but also cause negative repercussions which the infrastructure and the dismantling of the Iraqi army and the entry of terrorists from all States to Iraq to destroy», calling to «a thorough investigation of the subject until the compensation Iraq this matter».

 And the leaks that talk about a political movement led by al-Abadi to form a parliamentary political bloc, the Prime Minister stressed that he does not exist for such a project at the moment, adding, We are calling for political and security system reform.

Abadi and expressed readiness to cooperate with everyone in order to change and progress, explaining that people «deserve to have leaders care about their interests and have the scale to compete in order to provide services to the people and the interest of Iraq as a country, not for political interests or privileges».

Abadi went on that we have a military force could be argued that no state-owned because they tried fought on the ground and stood and made sacrifices an important achievement to be converted from a military establishment was rejected by some provinces to become acceptable and patriotism, noting that there is a development in the Iraqi economy and turn to fight corruption to downgrade and move away from quotas and renew the call for our citizens not to return to square one. »

Islamist alliance
As to the desire of the Islamic coalition countries participating in the liberation of Mosul operations and tenderness, the Prime Minister welcomed the initiative, calling on these countries to participate in supporting Iraq in its efforts to restore stability and the reconstruction of liberated cities and the return of displaced persons.

And grant journalists Ebadi said that «journalists Unfortunately grant was not included in the budget and still follow with the Council of Ministers.»

On his upcoming visit next month to Germany to participate in the Munich International Security Conference, the Prime Minister stated that our goal to attend these conferences degree first to draw the world's attention to the role that Iraq plays in the fight against terrorism because our absence means to take changed our position and Iraq, his presence on the ground In the world, there is also a great need to suspicions about our answers.

He added Abadi, Iraq is recovering shuttle visits by senior-level officials to Baghdad are not random and is estimating the Iraqi situation and the progress and the visions of leaders in their visits were expressive and them that Iraq has given us hope and optimism that the region's okay and not, as they thought that «Daesh» and terrorism will take over the area and spread noting that Iraq has stood at the level of fighting, performance and impressed the world.

Cabinet decisions
So to select Cabinet during its regular headed by Haider al-Abadi, on Tuesday, the 16th day of the month of September 2017 as the date for elections to provincial and district councils, as acknowledged communications and media bills.

A statement by the prime minister received



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