Parliamentary moves to prepare a law for peaceful coexistence

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Parliamentary moves to prepare a law for peaceful coexistence

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 BAGHDAD / Omar Abdel Latif
Committees clans and deportees and displaced and expatriates Alaniapetan announced their readiness to prepare the peaceful coexistence of the law, while the committee approved accountability and national reconciliation parliamentary difficulty of the task that Iraq needs to be agreement between the neighbors not to interfere in the affairs of nations.

Promised committee tribal member Fred Brahimi, in an interview for »morning», that «this law is part of the deployment of the peace in Iraq plan and reform the situation between components», adding that «the Commission will do its utmost to bring this law in cooperation with other committees».

He said Brahimi, that the idea of ​​peaceful coexistence met with popular and well with all the Iraqi people, which achieves stability in the country, calling on politicians to preserve sustain the victory achieved in our provinces and the expulsion of gangs «Daesh» of the country and restore Iraqi house in order in general.

He pledged Brahimi, that the Commission is moving through this chapter strongly to outline to this law, stressing the need that the law contains principles of spreading peace and communal peace in all throughout the country and acceptance of others and raise the level of thoughts away from what has been put forward during the previous years of the arguments not to accept the components to each other and incitement and blasphemy and other ideas obscurantism.

For his part, described the committee deportees and displaced and emigrants by nostalgia Qadu peaceful coexistence law that important laws that can provide guarantees and solutions and controls for the Iraqi people to achieve a real community reconciliation.

He Qadu, in an interview for »Sabah»: The «law is not only for the Committee for the displaced but also in other parties must cooperate with them to show this law a way that brings out all the members of society», pointing out the important role of clans in explaining this law for the characters and clans that the involvement of some of their children with the support bands «Daesh» and killing the Iraqi people.

He explained that the Commission able to provide an outline of the law, but it will need a dolly views as the government and clans, civil society and the United Nations in this area.

Furthermore, the chairman of the accountability and national reconciliation in parliament Hisham Suhail said the problem of peaceful coexistence is not related to Iraq and the Iraqis themselves, but also to neighboring countries.

Suhail said, in an interview for »Sabah»: he had spoken with most of the ambassadors influential Iraqi political scene and the United Nations in Iraq, and transfer them to the cause of peaceful coexistence and reconciliation issue does not belong to the Iraqis because of the absence of problems between them.

He cautioned that the problem lies in the foreign and international interests that affect the political situation and stability in the country, noting that once agreement was reached with these countries, there will be a natural stability we do not need to reconcile with any party.


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