War News 1-23-2017

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War News 1-23-2017

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Clearing 97 percent of the left coast

1/23/2017 0:00

BAGHDAD / MOSUL / morning
It proved the dimensions of the battlefield map fading and the lack Aldoaash across the coast of Mosul left except for a small pocket area being addressed as a prelude to announcing a fully liberalized.

This is associated with tuning intelligence documents reveal the names of these terrorists and their addresses in the city, while categorically far western Anbar witnessed the opening of the supply bridge Chairman of the cities easier to edit processes that are usurped still there.

Last pockets of terrorists
Commander of Nineveh operations, Major General Najim al-Jubouri was announced, yesterday afternoon to complete liberalization neighborhood millions and apartments within this enclave by the pieces rushing on the northern axis of the left coast, hence the map showing the last scene of the military position and published by the media military cell of the Joint Special Operations Command It confirmed the survival of a small pocket where there are terrorists located in the dead angle represent a very small percentage of the total area of ​​the left coast, which has been cleared 97 percent of revive it and restore normal life completely to its inhabitants.

According to this map, the areas of Beit She'an and Rachidia and plant and the role of dairy still unedited in the far northern axis of the left coast with our continued progress towards it.

With the completion of liberation of these areas in the near future will be all the left coast of Mosul under the control of our units, and from there move to the right side of the city, which a spokesman for the command revealed the completion of the plans in this regard and the readiness of troops to break into.

The present data after the announcement Operations Command (coming, Nineveh) edit village Alqosjat and control over adjacent to it by pieces Armored Division ninth Third Brigade first band near the intersection, and the combined forces cleared the Arab neighborhood full of Conception Aldoaash within the same axis, it was lifted media Iraqi buildings over those areas.

The names and addresses Aldoaash
In the meantime, the commander of the federal police forces team Raed Shakir Jawdat announced that the leadership of the Directorate of Intelligence found the so-called (JSS to organize Daesh) in the middle of the left coast Dumez neighborhood editor. The statement quoted him as saying that the federal police intelligence captured the important and detailed elements Daesh gangs reveal their names, titles and addresses in Mosul, security and documentation.

Jawdat said: «We have found in the center on the books Kmenahj used to wash the children's minds and develop the instinct of murder and criminality and slaughter and blasting to have.» He continued: «Our forces also seized documents show where the training centers and the preparation of fighters and notes for the arrest of citizens», pointing out that the center has a special division responsible to issue the so-called (the newspaper report) weekly and distributed.

Meanwhile, a military source said that the Iraqi army jets bombed a gathering of terrorists Daesh in a neighborhood west of Mosul, the right to the coast, which resulted in the destruction of four wheels, as well as the killing of entire crews.

It boycotted the western Mosul, the island's vast operations area, the popular crowd Media Authority reported that the Military Engineering Directorate affiliate paved roads in the western axis of the liberation of Mosul operations, stressing that it began opening roads and set up screens in preparation for the start of the next page of the editing process.

Destroy their hideouts in Anbar
Move to conclusively far western Anbar province, a statement to the media that the cell-Harbi National Intelligence Service Information Iraqi aircraft led to the steering accurate air strikes on guerrilla hideouts Daesh in Qaim spend resulted in the destruction of a store of munitions and weapons with a gathering site for its terrorists said. Other strike also destroyed a laboratory for armoring and booby-trapping the wheels belonging to those gangs and killed inside of the asphalt-based plant.

In the meantime, he said the commander of the island operations, Maj. Gen. Qassim Al-Muhammadi, said the Air Force bombed the wheel and bomb a gathering of terrorists «Daesh» northwest of Lake Haditha Dam (160 km west of Ramadi) which resulted in the destruction of the wheel and killed five of the terrorists. In a statement to the crowd Authority popular forces that Champions Brigade 19 of them were killed and nine Doaash bulldozer blew a guided missile through the foil exposure was carried out by those gangs yesterday in modern island boycotted. The security forces and Gyari Anbar tribes grouped the popular crowd continues to edit the far regions of operations west of the province, which includes the cities of curse and Rawa and Qaim.

Bridges for flexible movement of the pieces
Categorically also saw the opening of the western Anbar Green Valley bridge link between the modern judicial curse within boycotted the island's operations. By the deputy chief of operations and commander of the Seventh Infantry Division, and the presence of local officials in the two cities, sheikhs and dignitaries of tribes. As it warned a defense ministry statement that he is one of the vital bridges destroyed by Daesh gangs when she was present in those areas before its defeat at the hands of our troops, pointing out that he has the reconstruction and the inauguration of the bridge by the band Engineering seventh is the bridge supply line President towards the western regions and the key to progress the pieces towards freeing the rest of the province, which is still usurped by terrorists.

The statement said that the engineering effort for the seventh band and operations the island has had a significant and distinct role in the restoration and rehabilitation and the installation of a number of bridges within boycotted the responsibility of such a bridge Shahid Waheed, who was re-opened a few days ago by the army chief of staff, as well as a bridge Valley Zgdan and Gxilh while work continues to cloak Bridge which connects with a hand-Baghdadi al-Baghdadi, a lake and a bridge Jawaanh which is expected to open in the coming days.



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