HoR meeting for 1-24-2017

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HoR meeting for 1-24-2017

Post  Admin on Mon Jan 23, 2017 2:13 pm

Agenda of the meeting No. (5) Tuesday 24 January 2017
January 24, 2017

First, read verses from the Koran.

Second: The vote on the draft law of the government banks. ( Finance Committee , the Legal Committee ). (24 articles).

Third: the vote on the draft law of private security companies. (For the Security and Defense Committee, the Legal Committee ). (Article 42).

Fourth, to vote on a proposed law amending the Companies Law No. (21) for the year 1997. (Commission of Tourism and Antiquities, the Committee on Economy and Investment). (3 items).

Fifth: The vote on a resolution as the Nineveh Plain disaster area.

Sixth: Question verbal MP (Serwa Abdul Wahid) to the President of the Independent Electoral Commission.

Seventh: The report and discussion of the draft law of professional sports. ( Committee of Youth and Sports ). (Article 21).

Eighth: The report and discussion of the draft law of the Ministry of Defence. (Committee on Security and Defence). (Article 14).

Ninth: The report and discussion of the draft law of financial management. ( Finance Committee ). (Article 53).

Session starts at: eleven in the morning.



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Re: HoR meeting for 1-24-2017

Post  Admin on Tue Jan 24, 2017 8:27 am

House of Representatives finish reading two bills


House of Representatives ended its regular fifth in the second legislative term of the third legislative year third parliamentary session , which was chaired by Dr. Salim al - Jubouri , head of the Council and in the presence of 224 deputies on Thursday, 01/24/2017, for the second reading of the draft legal professional athlete and financial management.

At the outset of the meeting President al-Jubouri, submitted on behalf of the House of Representatives deepest condolences for each of the MP Fadel Kanani of the death of one of his relatives and MP Abdul Rasul morning of the death of a member of her family, while he read ladies and gentlemen of Representatives Al-Fatihah memory of the spirit Fiqidan.

For his part, Mr. Speaker called for parliamentary committees importance expedite the provision of the legislation, which still has, pointing to the existence of a large number of bills have been read the first reading or second expected vote, which requires speed up submitting by the competent committees to Drjha on the agenda of future meetings agenda, pointing that the presidency of the Council is determined to put the agenda of all the sessions in the current legislative term.

And between Mr. Jubouri to the existence of a request for oral question submitted by MP Hanan al to Mr. Governor of the Central Bank was to set a date on his current and 28-1 to the Integrity Commission in the current and 31-1 to the Municipality of Baghdad in the next 7-2 In addition to determining a date on 9-2 the oral question submitted by MP Mohammad Tamim, the Ministry of oil and 11-2 on a date to a question submitted by MP Mahmoud Reda, secretary of the Prime Minister.

President al - Jubouri noted to determine the day 13-2 the next date for the question oral report from the Attorney Hisham Radi Jabbar for the Department of Immigration and determine the day 21-2 date to a question submitted by MP Hanan al Ministry of Water Resources as well as identifying the next day 23-2 date to answer the question oral report of MP Amal Mari Sunni stop and determine the next 25-2 date to answer to an oral question submitted by MP Hanan al Ministry of transport as well as on 27.2 deadline to answer an oral question submitted by MP Mohammad Mashi - Tai to the media and on 7-3 as the date for the question oral sponsored by the MP Hanan al to general manager of Midland oil company.

Mr. Speaker, said that he was approaching the concerned authorities to set a date questioning each of the Minister of Health at the request of the Attorney Awad al - Awadi and Chairman of the CMC at the request of the MP Hanan al and Mr. Minister of Agriculture at the request of Rep . Zainab al - Tai , alluding to the completion of the procedures formal and legal own interrogations provided by the MP Magda Tamimi of the election commission and lawmaker Kazem Sayadi Shiite stop and high Nassif MP Mr. Minister of planning and Minister of trade and agency, calling MP Riad Ghali to complete documents relating to the questioning of the Minister of Education.

And it decided the Presidency of the Council to postpone the vote on each of the draft government banks and provided financial and legal Committees Act and the proposed Act to amend the Companies Act No. 21 of 1997 and sponsored by the committees of Tourism and Antiquities and the economy and investment as well as to delay voting on the draft Private Security Companies Act and provided security committee and defense and on the wording of the decision as the Nineveh plain , a disaster area for the disruption of quorum.

Then followed by MP Ahmad electrodes statement on behalf of Bloc coalition Iraqi forces on the events in Tarmiya Beach Taji, which he referred to the attempt by some security authorities stagger the work of the government and disturbing the victories achieved in Mosul through dozens of by some security authorities arrested a manner contrary to the law of their homes where they were released but some other unknown force has arrested dozens of people.

The statement called on to speed up the whereabouts of detainees from Tarmiya Beach coronary and who were detained and released immediately and the opening of an expanded investigation into the breach and the authorities and those involved in it as well as hold the government fully responsible for the safety of civilian detainees until their release, calling for considering this type of operation in violation of the Constitution and to deal with those who them as outlaws.

On the other hand, the Board completed reading the report and discussion of the draft law and professional sports sponsored by the Youth and Sports Committee .

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives called on the MP Abbas al - Bayati , to take into account the draft law to international law and to benefit from the experiences of others and that includes professional specifications away from patronage.

The MP Riad Ghraib, on the importance to achieve the bill's earnings sporting institutions proposal set a time period of up to three years to learn the extent of its usefulness for sports clubs.

In its reply to the interventions of the Committee on confirmed taking into account the observations of the MPs in fueling the bill for the development of professional athletes.

And it decided to postpone the Presidency of the Council read the report and discuss the draft of the Ministry of Defense, submitted by the Committee on Security and Defence Act.

Council finished reading the report and discuss the draft law and financial management submitted by the Finance Committee .

In the interventions of the ladies and gentlemen of Representatives, Rep. Kaveh Mohammad pointed out that the bill is overly centralized administration does not enjoy the powers to distribute more.

She called MP Najiba Najib to determine the powers of the regions and provinces in financial management and not just with reference to the only decentralization, as well as taking into account the federal system and the privacy of the Kurdistan region.

He noted the MP Adnan al-Janabi, to the bill an opportunity to overcome the problems that have the financial side resulting from the legislation of laws.

MP Furat al - Tamimi , up fixed - term contained in the bill from three years to five years in order to create a broader vision of the world oil prices.

For its part, it confirmed that the Committee on the bill included the Kurdistan region within the administrative formations concerned financial management, pointing to proceed with the enactment of the law and taking into consideration the observations and suggestions made.

On the other hand President al-Jubouri said the postponement of the oral question submitted to the Chief Election Commissioner despite the presence of the Council at the request of the introductory question MP Serwa Abdul Wahid.

Then decide to adjourn the meeting on Thursday, 26/01/2017.

The information department
Iraqi Council of Representatives



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