Iraqi position you get a copy of the final paper of the historic settlement

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Iraqi position you get a copy of the final paper of the historic settlement

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Network Iraqi position

He / Iraqi position / a copy of the final vision of Sunni Arabs in Iraq on historic compromise project launched by the president of the National Alliance, "Ammar al-Hakim" three months ago.

And mobility / Iraqi position / copy of the paper obtained by the agency "nucleus", which is alone publish them on Saturday morning, has carried the four seasons, which included the first separated a lot of detail in which the intended show of the settlement, objectives and procedures for access and is divided into two stages ending with the issuance of a document Final settlement .

Chapter II also included the foundations of building and maintaining the unity of the country, divided into two parts, said in his oath the first amendment of the Constitution and the system of governance and abide by rules of peaceful transfer of power and the reform of security institutions and rebuild and bear arms, however the state and an end to the militias file, including the crowd and folk restructuring and building the national economy and the reform of the electoral process and the reform of the sectors of education, higher education, while the second section devoted to the foundations of maintaining the unity of the country and the installation of the provinces and the management of border crossings and the borders of the position of the founding provinces.

As the third chapter on controversial with the political dimension and the complete balance file and reconsidered to take the political, security and economic decision and address the problems of Awqaf and Islamic issues and file of the displaced and reconstruction of the affected areas and the issuance of a new amnesty and the abolition of anti-terrorism law and amend the Penal Code Act and treat the phenomenon confidential informant and position on the issue of de-issues Baath, accountability and justice, and the attitude of the occupation and the legitimacy of the resistance and the repeal of legal prosecutions for people who were sentenced prior and compensation provisions, while the differences on the economic dimension of the share as well, where he pointed paper commitment to preserve the wealth of Iraq and put a definitive solution to how wealth revenue distribution among all the provinces and to reconsider tours oil licensing, while conclude the third quarter by mentioning the differences on doctrinal level, where he referred to the commitment to renounce sectarianism and racism and the need to establish a Judicial Council of the Court of competent abuses and violations of the sectarian dimension and identifying religious and sectarian events specifically Aklaiaa and a commitment not to use state institutions in those events and to agree to identify locations .

As was the conclusion of a paper in the settlement separated fourth reference safeguards implementation of the project of international and national Kaldmanat and means to support the document and assigned. And publishes "nucleus" the full text of the unified vision of Sunni Arabs in Iraq on the draft settlement also got it from private sources.


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