Citizen reveal the date of the official announcement of the draft political settlement

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Citizen reveal the date of the official announcement of the draft political settlement

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Since 01.28.2017 at 12:15 (Baghdad time)

Special - balances News

The head of the parliamentary bloc citizen Hamid vegetative Saturday that after the military leadership announced liberalization of Nineveh fully will be announced for the project "political settlement."

A vegetative SMC / balances News /, "The reactions of the political blocs on the subject of the settlement is considered positive," stressing that "all what happened in Iraq to Aaghei needs of the Iraqi people for such projects," noting that "from the object to the settlement by the It offers an alternative to them. "

He added that "the settlement project is still a draft and did not say a it whole," suggesting that "this draft has been agreed upon by the National Alliance and submitted to the United Nations and countries in the region, and are waiting for the opinion of others because the settlement that do not fit the National Alliance alone."

He suggested that "if the feedback was positive about the settlement, and if they have observations we will listen to them and accept or not accept."

And was completed: "We also have the conditions, the first to enter the political process he has to abide by what is and what it", noting that "It must not politically that takes and does not give and Aydha for the political process and the Constitution," adding that "does not make sense to enter the political science and speaks against the government and the parliament. "

He pointed out that "The second condition is that the neighboring countries stop supporting terrorism support him, otherwise Avaidh of the settlement," stressing that "the fittest and in settlement with the criminals."

In the same context delve vegetative, "It should be for Iraq regarded in the region and is not appropriate to launch the labels on the Iraqis and it is not them, Iraq has prestige and its historic role in the conservation area," asking, "What do you mean the settlement and terrorism cut the bodies of the people of Iraq."

The head of the Nationalالمواطن-تكشف-عن-موعد-الاعلان-الرسمي-لمشروع-التسوية-السياسية/سياسية


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