Washington: diplomats, politicians and businessmen Iraqis are not covered by the decision of Trump

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Washington: diplomats, politicians and businessmen Iraqis are not covered by the decision of Trump

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Since 02/01/2017 18:56 pm (Baghdad time)

BAGHDAD - balances News

Confirmed US ambassador to Baghdad Douglas Silliman, Wednesday, that the recent Trump's decision to ban Iraqis from entering the United States, ruled out diplomats, politicians, traders and businessmen.

A statement from the Ministry of Planning seen by / balances News /, that "the Minister of Planning, Dr. Salman al-Jumaili met with US Ambassador Douglas Silliman in Iraq," noting that "Jumaili discussed with Silliman repercussions of the US president Donald Trump's decision to prevent the entry of nationals of a number of countries, including Iraq to the territory of the United States. "

According to the statement, he confirmed Jumaili, that "the US-Iraqi relations, good relations and not in the interest of the two countries to face these relations any challenges or problems," calling on the US side to "reconsider this decision, especially with the existence of a joint agreement governing the relationship between the two countries."

According to the statement, Silliman said, that "the decision to prevent nationals of a number of countries from entering the United States was based on the presence of security concern could threaten his country," pointing to "the diplomats and politicians, traders and Iraqi businessmen are not covered by the decision of the ban, and they can travel to the United States, but ban all aspect of tourism regard. "

He noted that "Washington is keen to develop bilateral relations with Iraq and his support in the fight against terrorism and the elimination of Daesh."

The new American president, Donald Trump, was signed Friday (January 2017 27), to prevent the granting of entry visas to the United States for seven Muslim-majority countries, including Iraq. Ended 29/1's



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