National Alliance guarantees to Ebadi made it easier to pass half the cabinet reshuffle

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National Alliance guarantees to Ebadi made it easier to pass half the cabinet reshuffle

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Prime Minister received assurances of the National Alliance to vote on candidates for four vacant ministries Eve brought before Parliament. The coalition pledged to pass a Turkmen candidate to take over the industry portfolio, which failed in the end. It affirms Bloc state law that Abadi persuaded all the political forces of names put forward.

But Iyad Allawi's bloc believes the opposite. National coalition, which is headed by Allawi, the prime minister and accused of being "devoted quotas" in the nomination and security ministers belonging to the parties.

He says the coalition, who withdrew from the voting session, that the latter had promised to choose a candidate "technocrats" to those ministries, which did not happen in the end, according to Allawi's bloc.

The Abadi, during the last parliamentary session, that "the candidate for the vacant ministries names were not on the basis of affiliation of the blocks, but on the basis of the data submitted."

He denies coalition forces his candidacy for the Minister of Defense, Major General Irfan Hayali, who held a senior position in the fight against terrorism device, before his resignation the day before his nomination. Also he attributed the leading role in the coalition forces refused candidate to take over the trade portfolio, Inam al-Obeidi, to talk of a united association leader Osama Najafi's office. It is noteworthy that Allawi's bloc, which apologized for the receipt of the Ministry of Commerce, attributed the rejection of a candidate to being a trade is a candidate industry technocrats.

The selection of ministers meeting
And chose the parliament, on Monday last, Major General Irfan Hayali and defense minister to replace the article to the Minister Khaled al-Obeidi. Also voted to choose Qasim al-Araji, as interior minister to replace Mohammed so Ghabban, who resigned from his post after an attack Karrada district of the summer of 2016.

According to the biography of Hyala - a Sunni who hails from the town of Haditha in Alonbar- that the former regime has issued a death sentence against him in the nineties of the last century on charges of involvement organize seeks to overthrow Saddam's regime, before being released on parole, especially because of "tribal pressure." And dismissed the parliament, in a controversial session held last August, Alobeida- Khaled, a Sunni from Mosul descended after accusations of corruption. On the other hand belongs Araji, who was born in the city of Kut, the Badr bloc, a bloc with which he belongs Ghaban.

The two new ministers sworn in before the House of Representatives in the same voting session. And it did not get approval to fill all of the Inam al-Obeidi, the Ministry of Commerce, and Yusuf Ali al-Asadi of the Ministry of Industry, presented by the Prime Minister a substitute for the Turkmen candidate Necmettin Mohsen, having led to divisions of Representatives Turkmen ruled out.

On the eve of voting day
The National Alliance was pre-empted the last session of parliament to announce turn the names of candidates for the four vacant positions.

Confirms MP Amer Al-Fayez, the political body of a member of the National Alliance, he said that "al-Abadi gave the names of the candidates on the eve of the voting session in front of the body." He said al-Fayez, told the (range), that "the prime minister display the names of candidates to the political body at the request of the coalition," pointing out that "the coalition had wanted to know the reasons for faltering complete the reshuffle."

Abadi said during the last meeting, according to Al-Fayez, that "the split coalition forces caused the obstruction put forward a candidate for the Ministry of Defense."

And confirms a member of the citizen coalition, led by Ammar al-Hakim, he said that "al-Abadi said that he view the name of a candidate on the national defense bloc did not object," noting that the MP Abbas al-Bayati, the Turkmen Shiite, agreed to the industry candidate.

He pledged the National Alliance for the Prime Minister a list of candidates put forward at the meeting, according to the MP for the mass of citizens.

Allawi's bloc anger
But lawmaker Kazem al-Shammari, head of Allawi's bloc in parliament, confirms that "the Prime Minister hit the reforms roughshod" over the present candidates for party members to Ozzati defense and interior.

He said al-Shammari, told the (range) yesterday, said that "the defense minister are united in a coalition member, not just a candidate for the bloc." The coalition Allawi gave six candidates for the Prime Minister, during the past months, expecting that someone has the approval of the prime minister and parliament.

Shammari said that "al-Abadi refused a chance to get out of the quota system and returned to the nomination of party members to the ministries."

Sees MP close to Allawi, he said "the last parliament session represented a retreat from the reforms," ​​pointing out that "the masses passed partisans against the minister rejected the candidates of Commerce and Industry, two of the technocrats."

Shammari said that his bloc is considering several options for the future ", including the withdrawal from the political process and the transition to the opposition bloc in parliament."

But MP Amer Al-Fayez, a member of the political body of the National Alliance, said, "Inam al-Obeidi, a candidate of the Ministry of Commerce, failed because the coalition forces and the coalition, Allawi did not agree."

The National Coalition stressed for months, refusing to assume the post of the Ministry of Commerce once again, after the cabinet decided to separate the former trade minister after prosecution on corruption charges.

He said close to the prime minister, after a voting session, that the withdrawal of the National Coalition of the meeting to create a "political whirlwind" to confuse the political and parliamentary situation, stressing that the selection of ministers of interior and defense was not political pressure or international, but it came at the behest of the Prime Minister.

Powers: I do not know Hayali
In the meantime, the MP denied the victory of al-Jubouri, a member of coalition forces, the nomination of its mass to the Minister of Defense, Major General Hayali, stressing that it the first time you see the last Parliament.

Said al-Jubouri, told the (range), "we do not know Hayali, and we voted it because we read in his curriculum vitae that a professional man," pointing out that "the National Alliance was very sticked Interior Minister Qasim al-Araji."

The coalition forces presented 10 candidates for the Ministry of Defense 0.6 of them presented them united leader and Vice President Osama al. And then leak Hayali name among the list of the latter.

By contrast, al-Jubouri said that the parliament refused to vote on a candidate because of the trade talk about Trahaha of Najafi's office.ضمانات-التحالف-الوطني-للعبادي-سهلت-تمرير


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