Abadi pulls wheels and fixed assets of 12 ministers and officials previously

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Abadi pulls wheels and fixed assets of 12 ministers and officials previously

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Baghdad -arac Press -2 February: revealed the Integrity Commission, the approval of the Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi on the recommendations of the Central team in charge of investigation and follow - up of state funds from the wheels and fixed assets is still owed by former officials, indicating that their actions resulted in the recovery of funds and property were twelve owed ten previously held liable.

Body said in a statement posted on its official website, the central team that familiarity for this purpose actions, led to the existence of the names of ministers, officials and members of the former Governing Council did not Abraoa same covenant if leaving public office or retirement, pointing to enable them to recover property and the money that was owed by a dozen of them, and that the measures continue the process of others.

He pointed to the group of field visits to departments and government institutions carried out by the team, as well as directing many official letters to different points of parliamentary committees, in order to stand on the proceedings against former officials who have not Abraoa Zmmanm case of leaving their posts, and to find out those who have moved there for the purpose of the move to recover the money public that discharged, pointing to the existence of previous supervisory reports of these irregularities did not diagnosed accurately, particularly violating the law of the general budget, but those reports merely mention the survival of the property owed by former officials without reference to the legal violation and the method of retrieval.

The recommendations included the team 's proposal to sell owed by former officials and employees of the car and fixed assets, based on the provisions of the Law of the sale and rental of state funds, but that is not possible are to rely on the inclusion Law No. (31) for the year 2015, as they can be to apply the Government Debt Collection Law No. (56 ) for the year 1977 average against those who were not covered by previous proposals.

Referred to the general budget of the federal for the years 2015 and 2016 the law had been committed not to promote any pension treatment for officials or ex - including staff (three presidencies) in the case of public funds Bzmthm and retroactively from the date of 9/4/2003, nor salary pension released only after delivered Bzmthm.anthy (1)



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