Legal expert: I expect the formation of a new party by Abadi in March

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Legal expert: I expect the formation of a new party by Abadi in March

Post  Admin on Mon Feb 06, 2017 5:15 am

BAGHDAD - Iraq Press - February 6: said early on Monday a source, that there are three trends within the Dawa Party , currently between supporters of Ebadi and a supporter of the owners and a third of the role played by Ammar al - Hakim, adding, " The prime minister Haider al - Abadi, will be announced the new political party next month, as described.

He said the legal expert Tariq Harb told a news briefing, I followed / Iraq Press / that "what happened on Sunday, by the Kurdish leaders who have declared openly that what preoccupied right now is not a settlement, but the independence and separation and they're going to send a delegation to Baghdad to bring the best ways to that which can not be Shiite leaders to respond to this level of manifest before the settlement talks , "and wondered , saying, he" after the boldness of the Kurds to secede after the internationalization of the settlement and the settlement project after the Sunni Is Abadi is a new party?.

He said the war, " The atmosphere now is similar to what happened in the early ouster of the former regime and under his State of Law bloc of cracked realistic and has become a lot believes that al - Abadi is best placed to achieve the goals and truthful to achieve what is promised him despite the presence of three directions in the Dawa Party , currently between supporters Prime Minister al - Abadi and a supporter of Vice President al - Maliki and a supporter of the role played by Mr. Ammar al - Hakim, "adding that" the circumstances and conditions are now special approval of the Prime Minister after victories in Ramadi and Fallujah, Salahuddin and Nineveh, which did not depend on the military side but also exceed the political side , where faded Referrals and disappeared sectarian and separatist calls federalism in these areas, with public support for the prime minister and reached its highest range is not achieved by an Iraqi official and near the provincial elections and the possible participation of the prime minister a new party or political bloc. "

He concluded the legal expert said , "and therefore can be expected Abadi announced the formation of a political party in length may not take months , and in March next is set to announce a new political party led by the prime minister and who will participate and compete in local elections next parliamentary election date." Ended A.h


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