Round parliamentary negotiations to resolve the dispute over the legislation hang 99

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Round parliamentary negotiations to resolve the dispute over the legislation hang 99

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06/02/2017 (0:01 pm)

 Baghdad / Mohammad Sabah

Political blocs are preparing to launch a round of negotiations to approve and discuss 99 draft law, some of them have been deported from the previous parliamentary sessions. In the meantime, the Legal Committee discussed with the masses, the Federal Court Act, which is one of the controversial laws broken. The dispute centered on the Federal Court law on the decision-making mechanism. Kurdish groups demanding that the court's decisions be unanimous, and other parties to support the decisions of the Court to be the approval of two-thirds of its members. As a spin other differences on the definition of the term of the President of the Federal Court.

The Cabinet had voted, the end of February 2015, the Federal Court to forward the draft law to the House of Representatives after being reviewed and audited by the competent ministerial committee.

The President of the House of Representatives Saleem al-Jubouri, in May 2015, about the readiness of the project of the Federal Court Act to a vote, stressing that the president will choose the right time to do so.

MP says Hassan Turan, a member of the legal committee of parliamentary, for (long) yesterday, he said that "the House of Representatives, has the real intention to pass the most controversial laws broken years ago during the current legislative term," pointing out that "the majority of parliamentary blocs shown great flexibility in cooperation with committees to approve these laws. "

Tauran and asserts that "the first laws that attracted significant interest by the Legal Committee and embarked on its review, it is the Federal Court, which is one of the contentious broken laws the law," pointing out that "last week, scored the first round of negotiations between the heads of parliamentary blocs starting point for legislation this is the law".

The member of the Aleghanoanh Committee that it "will prepare a detailed report on the first negotiating round, which fought with the masses since the seven-day report, on the possibility of the adoption of the law of the court in the coming sessions, and will be submitted to the presidency of the parliament."

Turkmen MP stressed that "the Kurdish groups have shown great flexibility in dealing with this law, and the rest of the political forces that take notes on this law began to understand the seriousness of the current stage and relinquished ceilings previous demands."

In a related context, confirms parliamentary sources (range) that "99 bill stalled for years because of political differences, including a project of the Federal Court Act," pointing out that "some of these laws have been described as sectarian dye was parked on the shelves of the parliamentary committees for years ".

I informed sources, who asked not to be identified, said: "These projects are distributed among the laws are not presented for the first reading and the 17 legislation, and the laws of Parliament ended the first reading of the 31 law, while 51 legislation awaiting a vote."

They drew parliamentary sources that "policy differences have delayed deciding these laws and contributed to put them on the shelves of the committees for years, but the blocs resume negotiations between the two and another, and soon end in failure."

These moves will include a discussion of the provincial elections law, and the law of the provinces No. 21 amended, in order to end the controversy revolves around the abolition of district councils and districts, as well as reducing the members of the provincial councils. Blocs also discussed modifying the general amnesty law, which the government sent the end of the legislative term of the past.

In the same context, MP says Saravan Ismail, chairman of the region's parliamentary (range), "The parliamentary committees, began aggressively moving toward most of the laws and under the guidance of the Presidium of the Parliament of legislation," asserting that his committee "intended to provide the capital Baghdad, the law and the Federation Council and the delegation of authority Federal and local governments to vote. "

The Chairman of the Committee on Parliamentary region that "the adoption of these laws will solve a lot of differences and problems in the capital Baghdad, Because it will distribute powers between the federal government and local governments and the secretariat of the capital. "جولة-مفاوضات-برلمانية-لحسم-الخلاف-بشأن-9


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