Veto to block al - Maliki 's amendment bars the Law Commission in preparation for the involvement of the judiciary

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Veto to block al - Maliki 's amendment bars the Law Commission in preparation for the involvement of the judiciary

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02/12/2017 (0:01 pm)

 BAGHDAD / Mohammad Sabah

[ltr] Parliament is considering a proposal that would come out of the political blocs of the crisis, which raised about the performance of the Electoral Commission.

Under the proposed assignment of judges to oversee the work of UNHCR, however, that this proposal will depend on the Commission Amendment Act, which does not seem to modify an easy task. Parliament is preparing to read the proposal for the second time.

In the meantime, the parliamentary committee in charge of the selection of the Commission members agreed on the participation of representatives from the United Nations and the Supreme Judicial Council to oversee the decisions they make, and set the terms of the selection of new candidates.

The committee, composed of 29 deputies has held its first meeting on Thursday, chaired by Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament Aram Sheikh Mohammed, despite the passage of nearly four months after the parliamentary vote on its formation.

Little remains of the life of the current Electoral Commission Council only seven months. It coincides expiration of the Board of Commissioners with the date of the date of the local elections, announced by Prime Minister middle of last month.

The student leader of the Sadrist movement, the involvement of independent views from outside the House of Representatives in the Committee of Experts.

The MP Zana Saeed, a member of the parliamentary legal committee has revealed, for (long) recently, all the political blocs agree on merging the provincial elections with parliamentary elections scheduled for the 20th of April 2018.

MP says Amin Bakr, a member of the legal committee of parliamentary, told the (range) yesterday, said that "the Committee of Experts set up by the House of Representatives to choose the Electoral Commission members made up of 29 deputies from different political blocs," pointing out that "small blocks Calfdalh coalition National and other Sunni objected to the lack of representation in the Committee. "

The Presidency of the Council of Representatives had instructed, in October, to the parliamentary committees to form a committee to choose the Board of Commissioners of the Electoral Commission for the next session.

But the formation of the committee, but the beginning of 2017 is not complete, since the task of chairing Antat Param Sheikh Mohammed, the Second Deputy Speaker of Parliament. 

Committee membership includes 28 deputies from different parliamentary blocs to choose the Independent Electoral Commission members.

Baker added that "the Committee met last Thursday for the first time after its formation and discussed its rules of procedure and the conditions that must be met Candidates for nomination as members of the Commission," denying the existence of a time limit to finish the work of the Commission.

And it refers MP from the Kurdish bloc change that "members of the Committee of Experts agreed on the necessity of the participation of representatives from the United Nations and the Council of the judiciary in the next meetings to see the merits of their decisions and the conditions that will organize the process of selecting new candidates."

And is expected to increase the number of members of the Committee of Experts to more than thirty deputies in the next few days following the objections made by the small blocks to the President of the House of Representatives, he says the legal committee member Zana happy.

And confirms a member of Jemaah Islamiyah bloc that "these blocs called for the need to be represented in the committee charged with choosing the Electoral Commission members."

He Said, in his speech (range), that "the Committee of Experts will hold another meeting to choose a vice-president and secretary and personnel to manage the work of the Committee of Experts, as well as discuss its rules of procedure and the application form," stressing that "the rules of procedure will determine the beginning of the month of September as the deadline for the end of the work of the Commission experts. "

And reduces the MP for the Kurdistan Islamic Group, a block from the importance of continuing the work of the Commission, after legal committee submitted a proposal to the Supreme Judicial Council gives the Commission the right to the Board of Directors. It confirms that Parliament approved in principle by a simple majority on the proposal, which will be presented for the second reading in the next House of Representatives sessions.

And he sees a member of the Legal Committee that "if Parliament approves this proposal, it will end the work of the Committee of Experts and will give the right to the Supreme Judicial Council to appoint judges to manage the Supreme Commission for Elections Council," but he stresses that "the decision is up to the political blocs that will determine the fate of this proposal."

The attention of the Attorney Zana Said that "the approval of the proposed amendment also requires the Commission Act, specifically the third article, which give the right to the House of Representatives set up a committee of experts to choose the members of the Commission." He noted that the "State of Law coalition opposed to the amendment of this article."

Article (3 / II) of the Independent Electoral Commission Act provided that: "The Board of Commissioners is composed of nine members, two of them at least a legal selected by the House of Representatives majority after being nominated (a committee of the House of Representatives), who are of specialists and experts and acclaimed competence, integrity and independence, taking into account the representation of women. "فيتو-لكتلة-المالكي-يمنع-تعديل-قانون-المف


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