Activation of production limits the shadow economy {}

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Activation of production limits the shadow economy {}

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BAGHDAD / Mustafa al-Hashemi

No different specialists in economic affairs to the wrong policies and accumulations of the past decades and their negative effects on the Iraqi economy has created new phenomena including the "shadow economy" and dumping the commodity, which requires - according to specialists - the adoption of new policies and the application of effective mechanisms in the economy through the consolidation of ministries and sectoral efforts to curb indiscriminate import tax evasion that reduces the dangers of the shadow economy on the national economy.

Economic academic D.magd Baidhani between the need to speed up the adoption of import policies to encourage and support national production from the public and private sectors, covering the market need to curb commodity dumping, which has bedeviled the country's economy and created the phenomenon of "shadow economy".

And the "shadow economy" or "gray economy" - according to what he knows of experts and specialists - is any commercial activity is not subject to the laws and does not work in a systematic manner, income-producing commercial Kaloncth that does not register within the GDP accounts deliberately from their owners in order to hide them from the income accounts to avoid fees Aldharabah.ookd Baidhani in an interview for the "morning" that the reduction of this negative economic activity is to make way for national production to take equal competition initiative with the importer in terms of quality, durability and standards, stressing the importance of a legislative support also for the private sector as well as to develop thoughtful and clear plans for the productive sectors and reduce the repercussions of the political conditions on the economic as Alamkan.moatn Ahmed Salman Abdul Wahid said that the confusion was Tlazemna for a long time when I go to the local market and find a piece of clothing presented at a price of 15,000 dinars, and a few meters I find the same piece sold priced at 7000 dinars, explaining that the first seller explained that his goods therefore original price tag is high.

Salman added that the explanation is not convincing, but I come to the fact that as the first item subject to taxes and the second entered in violation


Iraq has been adopted in 2012 to work on holiday, under which were subject import a large number of materials and goods standards and contributed to the reduction of the entry of inferior goods were popular in the country's markets and origins is sober.

Baidhani returned indicates that the "shadow economy" in Iraq are from several factors, notably the financial and administrative corruption, as well as a group of traders in the market Translated and monopoly control and dominate them without having to think about the interests of the country's economy.

The economic academic D.hilal Taan said in an interview earlier Ā«morningĀ» that this case found after 2003, as over Iraq, cases of three-dumping of dumping bidder who lasts and ends with a certain a commodity entering the market and a single kind only then ends, and the second type is the deliberate dumping the third is continuous dumping .oaaraf dumping commodity as the country exported its products less than the normal price for these products prices in their native habitat for the purpose of serious harm to the interests of national producers in the importing Contracting State
Of the commodity.

He Taan that country, and since several years, over the last two Balagracan of goods neighboring states that are sold inside Iraq at lower prices, which are sold in the markets of these countries in terms of cost, and saw that this dumping came for the purpose of ending the national industry and increase Batalh.alagdir mentioning rates that the national product fear of dumping in all descriptions and types, Lord direct and natural to do that calls for public authorities to protect him from the danger of foreign consumer interest "of the Iraqi citizen," rather than switching to another industry, leaving the market to countries dumped.

In turn, he saw economic researcher Aya Adel said Iraq now needs to Dolly legislation productive private sector in return for lifting or reducing support to his business because it now depends on providing the market needs to import random without a balance between what can be produced locally and the compensation Malaintj import.

Adel said in an interview for the "morning" it is necessary to reduce the monopoly of a group of traders to commercial activity and create a level playing field between dealers and between industrialists, saying that doing so would economic activity among all participants in the development process away from the accumulations of the past decades misguided policies distribution .

She pointed to the need to eliminate the phenomenon of "shadow economy" in Iraq by adopting the experience of states that have passed such circumstances experienced by the country and applied mechanisms fit the reality of the Iraqi market in order to achieve economic balance between production and import.

Activation of production limits the shadow economy {} activation of production limits the shadow economy {}


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