Cabinet Secretariat discussed the Sudanese experience in the field of e-government

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Cabinet Secretariat discussed the Sudanese experience in the field of e-government

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Baghdad balances News

It examined the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers, on Thursday, the Sudanese Altrajabh meeting in the field of e-government.

According to a statement of the Municipality it posted on its website, and I followed / balances News /, the "Committee for coordination and management of government activity towards the establishment of e-government was held today at the Secretariat building its fifth meeting."

The Chairman of the Committee of the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords, according to the statement, "the importance of bodies included in the Commission's work plan for the project linking ministries centers into a unified national network."

The statement said, "The meeting during which they discussed the most important achievements, challenges and needs that recorded three committee teams (infrastructure team, and a team of electronic applications and services, and a team policy and legal framework), for the completion of the project, and see the Sudanese experience in the field of e-government, and the assessment survey the readiness of state institutions to shift towards electronic government and linking ministries electronic network, one two-lane to secure emergency services in the event of the first stop. "

The Secretary-General, to "provide a timeline for the launch of the first phase to connect a range of ministries, to include future phases other ministries and bodies and their accessories down to all provinces," stressing the need to "Update surveys in this regard and the most important e-ripening in state institutions all indicators." According to the statement.

He pointed out, "the establishment of a national center for data management, and that the Commission should work paths parallel to ensure uniform results and the achievement of its business away from the bureaucracy, and exit laws do work and help in the implementation of this national project in the light of a full-fledged recommendations in the field of the development of electronic services as a national achievement substantial" .anthy 29 / a 43أمانة-مجلس-الوزرا-تناقش-التجربة-السودانية-في-مجال-الحكومة-الالكترونية/سياسية


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