The full text of the speech, Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the Iraqi in Munich Security Conference

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The full text of the speech, Prime Minister Haider Abadi, the Iraqi in Munich Security Conference

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I am happy to be among you and express our thanks to you in support of Iraq and its people and forces that caused the biggest defeats Bdaash to your positions.
In these moments that I stand among you, Iraq is approaching a lot of full territorial restoration and expel gang Daesh of the last inch was under control ... We are fighting now to clean up the remaining of the city of Mosul, which is less than half the area of ​​the city .. and after a year of victories successive we will achieve the goal will not be to Daesh place in Iraq, as we promised and promised our people.

Ladies and Gentlemen;
On behalf of the Iraqi people, I extend my sincere thanks and supporting us in our fight against terrorism, to your countries and special mention of NATO countries and the international coalition .. and I assure you that your support was not in vain, it has liberated most of our cities and our territory, and we are achieving victories impressive on terror, which is our enemy and the enemy that threatens our people and your people and kills civilians, women and children Blarahmh ... We look forward to continuing to support our troops in the areas of armament, training, advice and logistical support and air in order to complete the task of eliminating Daesh.
The victory that we're talking about is the fruit of the sacrifices of our people and our brave armed forces, which bore alone the responsibility of fighting on the ground.

Other truth that we proclaim always, is that terrorism and organizing Daesh are the enemies of the Muslims before the others were killed by Muslims exponentially to victims of other religions .. so it was on all the people of religions and sects to unite against terrorism .. This is what happened in Iraq while unites us all, Muslims and Christians Aesidein and the Sabians and the Sunnis and Shiites, Arabs and Kurds, Turkmen, because terrorism aimed at everyone.
I assure you that we have taken an important step in uniting Iraqis, now they are united more than ever, and our armed forces have become hello by liberated cities sons, and everyone today are fighting side by side under the flag of the state .. For the first time fighting brothers in the Peshmerga, along with army Iraqi after they were for decades are fighting among themselves while the former regime used military force to suppress the Iraqi people from the Kurds, Arabs and Turkmen, Shabak and other nationalities.

The fighting in the editing operations also volunteers at the local forces and the popular crowd and who have been to include them into the armed forces within our plan to restrict arms possession to the state and the extension of the rule of law, has shown bravery in the defense of the land and a commitment to high responsibility towards civilians in the liberated areas and sacrificed expensive.
The liberalization of Mosul, the process we're in now is a clean war in which we have sought to rescue the man before releasing the ground, although the fighting was tough and house to house, but the safety of our troops made sure the homes of citizens and infrastructure and government installations.
Daesh civilians have taken as human shields to delay the advance of our troops, and blew up government buildings, mosques, churches, schools, universities and houses, and taken from civilian neighborhoods rules for the rocket fire, and practiced and destroy systematically for Antiquities and Museums and the treasures of the civilization of Mesopotamia and ancient smuggling operation.
That our directives were tight and strict in the need to protect civilians, and did not relent in the offer to eliminate all of the assaults on civilians and their property, and provided at the same time safe corridors to exit safely, and created a lot several camps to house the displaced.
All this is happening in the light of financial and economic distress as a result of the decline in world oil prices and with the high costs of the war.
We we appeal to you to help us in the implementation of the stability and basic services to cities liberated and return of displaced persons to their homes program, and call on the international community and humanitarian organizations to provide emergency aid to about three million displaced people, and to help treat the wounded and lifting mines and explosives, and to support community rehabilitation programs for literacy a culture of violence and remove the effects of Daesh crimes practiced by the right of children who have been exploited in a grotesque and grew up in a culture of violence, hatred and trained in the art of killing in schools Daesh, and help women who have been subjected to torture, rape and captivity, as happened to Aesideat in one of the most heinous crimes against humanity.

We are beginning to seriously develop reform programs of political, economic, social and conciliatory to the post-Daesh based on justice, equality and the rejection of sectarianism and not allowing the use of weapons outside the state and to enable the judiciary to perform its duty in the prosecution of crime and financial and administrative corruption and the protection of freedoms and human rights, we have provided system guaranteeing the laws to the House of Representatives in these important areas, along with the development of the economy and diversify sources of national income and maximizing the resources of the state and not to rely entirely on oil wealth as it was before, and we face in the implementation of reform obstacles and practical difficulties and opposition from beneficiaries of corruption and waste of public money, but we rely on the people who support us to continue the reform process.

Ladies and Gentlemen;
We believe that security is an integral part, and for this we call for the necessity of cooperation with the Arab states and neighboring and all countries of the world friendly in intelligence fields and exchange of information to dry up the sources of terrorism, along with a wide network of economic relations building to take advantage of the natural and human vast resources available in our region to achieve development, social justice and the fight against poverty and corruption.
Our vision is clear is consistent and our position should not intervene and resolve armed conflicts in our region peacefully and in particular the crisis in Syria protracted and caused the destruction and massive displacement of millions of Syrians, and call for serious cooperation and urgent plan to end the conflict in this our neighboring state and to spare Syrian people more destruction, We are with any initiative that encourages dialogue and stop the infighting and put an end to the bloodshed in Syria.
That Iraq was keen on the security and stability of countries in the region we have suffered a lot from wars and the policy of axes, and can not go back to it again. Iraq will not only be an independent state in its decision to take into account the interests of its people in the present and future and is keen to establish normal and balanced relations with all countries of the region and the world.
We are at a time when we are about where to end the presence of Daesh in our country, we call for the cooperation of international security and wide to prevent the spread in the rest of the world, especially after the escape of large numbers of recruits in their ranks and their return to their home countries in Europe, North Africa and the rest of the world, and must increase intelligence cooperation for the elimination of terrorism and extreme caution of the returning fighters who participated Daesh to commit the ugliest beheadings and genocide crimes because these tools and time bombs, it is also necessary to ban the thought that encourages murder and terrorism, and the exclusion of the other .. We declare our full readiness for security cooperation and information exchange in the field of combating terrorism and crime the organization.

We look forward with you and your cooperation to a more stable, secure and a world free of terrorism and thought exclusionary future, blessed with the peoples and nations to peace, stability and prosperity.
Peace be upon you.


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