Mahdi Keywords: near the launch of a new strategy for Social Development

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Mahdi Keywords: near the launch of a new strategy for Social Development

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Monday, February 20, 2017 - 10:16

Secretary General of the Council of Ministers Mahdi Keywords revealed near the launch of a new strategy for the Social Development Fund of Iraq in cooperation with the World Bank, noting that the fund is in line with the strategy of poverty reduction and strategic road map for social protection for the years 2015-2019.

Complete the principle explained Keywords, on the sidelines of Tadhaifa by the Iraqi Center for Development and Media, during its monthly meeting half yesterday, which was devoted to the discussion of "the work of the Social Development Fund mechanism", in the presence of a group of politicians and journalists in Baghdad, attended by "morning", said that "the Ministry of Planning launched in 2010 the first strategy to reduce poverty in Iraq, which counted the World Bank and one of the most important strategies in the region, "noting that the strategy" was required to reduce poverty in the country, where they accounted for 24 percent in 2010 and then became 19 percent in 2012 and reached 16 percent in 2014, but the poor conditions experienced by the country after the control "Daesh" terrorist gangs on some areas at the time, prevented the completion of the work, "adding that" the reasons for the success of the previous financial strategy was the lack of funding. " "Their efforts have continued with the World Bank several months ago, and according to the new data, of the displacement of hundreds of families, low-income country because of lower oil prices in world markets, led the effort to agree on the launch of a new strategy in April next year, to be transferred to strategy (enabled) and not help the poor, especially in the aspects of improving education, health, social protection and reduce the differences between males and females, using the experiences of countries have suffered from difficult economic conditions, including Egypt, where he was able to adopt one of the successful programs in the so-called social development fund of the face of a lot the odds. " He said: "It is no agreement with the World Bank in the success of the new strategy, the construction of the Social Development Fund," noting in this area to "provide an integrated framework to the cabinet for discussion and ratification, and actually was a resolution created amid enthusiasm of the international community to proceed with the establishment of the fund."

Mainstay promised Dr. Keywords start setting up the fund, the main pillar of the new strategy, especially with the continuation of Labour and Social Protection Network 2015 - 2019 program, and complement the ongoing efforts to reform and expand cash transfer programs. He said the "program prepared jointly with the World Bank experts based on the pillars of a group the most important that the fund will support small labor-intensive projects to build infrastructure and social necessary and economic, in the sense that the Social Fund for Development could include several programs, such as heavy projects, labor, Microcredit, local development, infrastructure. " This is accompanied by the institutional design of the fund, start a mini program (labor-intensive project) and the expansion after the Social Fund for Development as well as the establishment of communities can be involved in the identification and implementation of projects and supervising them. He concluded Keywords speech by referring to "the outcomes of the social fund projects working on infrastructure improvement and access to public services and improve living conditions in rural areas as well as her work in empowering communities and women in particular in property management, let alone increase community confidence in the government as it must win legitimacy by delivering concrete results in a timely manner accompanied by a shift from the approach to planning a top-down approach to planning from the bottom up. "

Presentations and discussions included the seminar, many interventions, and inquiries regarding the launch of the new strategy and the creation of the Development Fund, by the audience, as it said the editor of the newspaper "Al-Sabah", the poet Shawki Abdel Amir said "the Iraqi Center for Development, and through symposiums, contributes to establishing solid bases for partisan development. " "The Social Development Fund of Iraq is one of the major projects .. and open this file for discussion and lighting aspects of the discussions and dialogues would deliver effective messages to specialists in this regard." For its part, Director General of the university channel Nada Abedi said showed "the program put forward by Keywords is a great challenge, but at the same time as the first step needs to be a good layout of the founding of the strategy before embarking on it." Abedi said the "morning": "The program put forward by Dr. Keywords is a major challenge at this time," indicating that "the developed countries to the process of planning before embarking on implementation by taking advantage of other people's experiences." The media Salim Mashkur has pointed out that "the important thing in the program put forward by the Secretary General of the Council of Ministers is that it is in good hands with international support," saying the "morning": that the idea put forward Keywords are very effective, especially the decision in democratic countries begins down and discuss with opinion makers and stakeholders. " President of the Iraqi Group for Strategic Studies and confident Hashemi, said the strategy put forward by the Keywords, an important but not final and is under study and change. He added that the strategy includes a large development in many social aspects, as well as economic, they are also talking about the experiences of other countries in the same field, "stressing that" the World Bank has provided an estimated amount of up to $ 50 million to finance the project, mused at the same time that are searched for Other funding windows for the purpose of the project expanded and comprehensiveness of the larger segments. "


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